Pictures from Anna Lisa’s garden in Orinda

How to fix PEAR installation of XML_RSS / XML_Tree invalid package.xml file problem

As part of getting an upgraded server set up and transferring sites from the older server, I had to re-install PEAR XML_RSS. One of its dependencies is XML_Tree. Normally, this command should have worked with no problems: pear install XML_RSS It downloaded XML_RSS just fine, but then choked on XML_Tree, which was a required dependency. […]

Walking through snowy Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO at night

Early morning dog walk in Tower Grove Park. At 15ร‚ยบ F it was pretty chilly, but I bundled up pretty well and was warm the whole time. A good trick I figured out for taking long exposure pictures in the snow is to take a glove, put it on the snow and rest the camera […]

Real world Firefox

Awww, Kuma is so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

Domino Space Invader

Dominoes make for wide pixels.

Selling 12″ Powerbook G4 keyboard for parts [SOLD!]

We just replaced Kristin’s laptop’s keyboard since the up, down, right shift and enter keys don’t work anymore. I listed the keyboard on eBay, so go there and bid on it if you’re interested in it for the parts. Thanks! Check out the eBay Listing: Apple 12″ PowerBook G4 Keyboard Keys (Full Set) NR!

My audience participation entry in the Chicago Cut & Paste event (vote for me please)

This was my entry in the audience participation contest, where we had 15 minutes to design a graphic that best conveyed the concept of "Survival of the Fittest". Click here to vote for my entry (#16) if you’d like (you’ll have to enter your email address to complete the vote). Thanks!

Google Chart API is very cool

Google’s new Charts API is very cool. I am interested to see how we might possibly use that with Collabofit to do additional charting. Here’s the code used to generate that graph above: cht=lc &chs=500×300 &chd=s:GabrielSerafini2007 &chtt=’Gabriel%20Serafini%202007’%20Using%20the%20New%20Google%20Charts%20API &chxt=x,y &chxl=0:|1976|1986|1996|2007|1:||Cool||Amazing||Awesome Very simple, clean, elegant and neat.

2:15 AM self portrait

Time for bed now.

How to sync audio and video for DVD playback using your remote speakers, AirPort Express, Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil and VLC

I’ve been enjoying using my Apple AirPort Express to stream music from my laptop to our living room speakers using iTunes. The other evening I wanted to watch a DVD and use the good speakers to get the best sound, but you can’t do that without using a helper program. I found a program that […]