Watch out for HOPE – it could happen to you.

A very clever and funny little video. If you’d like to see it air on national television, go here and chip in $25.

How to check if your DNS server is vulnerable to the recently discovered DNS exploit

In case you’ve missed the recent news about the major DNS exploit problem and haven’t checked to see if your DNS server is vulnerable, this site has a checker that will test to see if your DNS server appears to be patched or not. Recently, a significant threat to DNS, the system that translates names […]


Run, don’t walk, to the Dr. Horrible website and watch his micro-epic masterpiece of musical genius. You know you love the musicals. Do it, do it now. This will be gone after this weekend, and then you’ll be sorry you weren’t one of the cool kids who saw it when it first came out. Be […]

Why you should upgrade your WordPress installation to version 2.6 (just released) today

First, the good news: Matt & his brave crew of WordPress coders have just released version 2.6 of the Open Source award-winningly awesome content management system called WordPress (download it here). I’ve been using it since it was called b2, and love it. I recommend it for most of my clients, and they love the […]

Night driving after fireworks

Took some cool long-exposure driving shots that captured neat light squiggles and blurs.

Ghosts and Squiggles

Nice blurry shots walking back to the car.

Unsubscribed. (Open letter to Barack Obama re: FISA vote)

UPDATE: Lessig weighs in on the reaction to Obama’s vote. Lessig is the man. His analysis of the possible reasons for this vote is very well stated. It doesn’t change my mind about unsubscribing from Obama’s email money train (for now). Dear Barack, You know I love you. Your voice and message has given me […]