Check out the Barak Obama “1984” YouTube ad

An excellently done mashup of the famous Apple 1984 ad featuring Hillary as Big Brother and Barak as the revolution. YouTube – Vote Different

kleptones 24hours download

Cool new Kleptones download: kleptones 24hours download (Via Waxy)


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FoxiPod – BEST FIREFOX PLUGIN EVAR – uh, sucks to be Windows, folks…

So, fresh from the bowels of comes this fantastic link: FoxiPod What is FoxiPod, you might ask? It delivers basically an almost perfectly ideal experience: Any .mp3 file linked on a website (such as on an .mp3 blog for example) gets a little icon beside it. Click the icon. The mp3 gets downloaded into […]


Check out what’s hot at CDX. The ever-rolling CDX Chart!! Below is the rolling CDX chart based on votes over the last seven days. This lets you know at a glance what is hot and what’s not and also how the records are likely to fair in the end of month charts. This will hopefully […]

Futuro Mashup – Funk filled mash, easy to listen to

Futuro Mashup def. mashup, a combination of classic cuts, RE-groove-Re-cut-REcyle, good clean fUn… I like this track especially: LetsGetTheLOve.mp3 P.S. If you are subscribed to my RSS feed and you use a podcasting application (like iPodder) then when I link to mp3s you’ll automatically download the mp3 to your iPod thanks to WordPress enclosure support. […]

Josh Console – CRY.ON.MY.CONSOLE

More free mp3 remix / bootleg / mashup goodness. Josh Console – CRY.ON.MY.CONSOLE Via Boing Boing

ex-Soviet Union Music (download Soviet-era mp3)

In Soviet Russia, all we had was mp3 to download… 🙂 ex-Soviet Union Music Better Mefi comment: in soviet union, blog downloads you (Via MetaFilter) More Soviet tunes and more This post goes out to my good friend Dmitri.

MutantPop ~ Post Tunes here

I love Mutant Pop. MutantPop ~ Post Tunes here

The Pirate Bay – Swedish Bit Torrent site

The Pirate Bay You gotta love these guys. Check out their legal threats section. LOL! Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 18:21:43 -0100 (GMT) From: anakata To: Subject: Re: Unauthorized Use of DreamWorks SKG Properties On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 wrote: > Dennis L. Wilson, Esq. > KEATS McFARLAND & WILSON, LLP > 9720 […]