It’s Just a Flesh Wound – Obama vs. Hillary

Very funny illustration by Gary Brookins. It made me chuckle. Original is here

Barack Obama on Religion

Barack Obama is the most intelligent, reasoned politician I have ever heard. This video is remarkable. In it, he shares his views on religion and its role in a pluralistic, progressive society. My favorite passage of the speech (emphahsis added): And even if we did have only Christians in our midst, if we expelled every […]

Lessig on Obama

One of the smartest people around, noted Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, has put together an outstanding video sharing his reasons for voting for Obama. I highly recommend watching it and thinking about the issues he raises. If you disagree, why? Watch or download the high-quality video here (torrent). Lots of excellent thoughts and comments […]

Missouri Says Obama FTW!

NPR and the AP called Missouri for Hillary Clinton earlier tonight. Barack went from ~30% won to 49.2%, FOR THE WIN. I am so proud to say that my vote helped prove them wrong. We showed them our "O" Face and it feels great. The Show Me State has Spoken: We want Barack Obama. We […]

“Identity Theft” by Nellie McKay performed live on Prairie Home Companion on January 26, 2008

Last Sunday as I was driving around doing some errands I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion on the local NPR station. Garrison Keillor introduced a singer, Nellie McKay, who sang a song that I enjoyed very much. Afterwards, I looked around to see if I could buy it on iTunes. When I tried […]

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

More coverage of this here: President Bush’s Executive Order: Revoking the Right to Dissent? Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement 30 DAYS TO ABSOLUTE TYRANNY White House Kisses Goodbye to 5th Amendment Pissed Off About Iraq? Bush Will Seize Your Bank Account Broad New Exec. Order Targets Iraq-Related Finances This Executive Order, signed by […]

Rocky Anderson Obliterates Sean Hannity at University of Utah Impeachment Debate – Google Video

Rocky Anderson Obliterates Sean Hannity at University of Utah Impeachment Debate – Google Video

Check out the Barak Obama “1984” YouTube ad

An excellently done mashup of the famous Apple 1984 ad featuring Hillary as Big Brother and Barak as the revolution. YouTube – Vote Different

Orange 10mm LED throwie dog leash modification – night light tracer for walking in the park with Kuma

So, I finally got my packages of 300 LEDs (ordered on Ebay from a Chinese manufacturer) and 100 watch batteries for the purpose of experimenting with the concept of the LED throwies today. I made my first one with scotch tape and an orage 10mm LED. It was so exciting when it lit up. Silly, […]

Wondering if your vote on an electronic “voting” machine will be counted?

Watch this video. A documentary showing how DIEBOLD has cheated american voters. HBO SPECIAL Hacking Democracy – Google Video If there are ANY discrepancies between pre-election polling and the actual “results” and they are not challenged, there will be trouble. I’ll be voting later today, and videoing it to see how the process goes.