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Futuro Mashup – Funk filled mash, easy to listen to Mar 31 2005

Lets Get the Love

Futuro Mashup

def. mashup, a combination of classic cuts, RE-groove-Re-cut-REcyle, good clean fUn…

I like this track especially:

P.S. If you are subscribed to my RSS feed and you use a podcasting application (like iPodder) then when I link to mp3s you’ll automatically download the mp3 to your iPod thanks to WordPress enclosure support. Sweeeeeeet! πŸ™‚

Hello world with php / staticize Mar 31 2005

Using staticize plugin:

PHP code:
$n = 0;
while($n < 100) { echo("$n "); $n++; } ?>

Does this:
< ?php $n = 0; while($n < 100) { echo("$n "); $n++; } ?>


StupidVideos – Cat Fan and Basket Girl Mar 30 2005

This was very very LOL. I love my two cats. And now I love Nokia too. This is very funny. And so very wrong. πŸ™‚

“Cat Fan”

Check out “Basketgirl” as well. Totally amazing and awesome and crazy.

Think it’s fake? Click here to go to the official movie site and you can see a higher quality version (in Flash) — looks like that girl did hit the back of her head. That had to hurt. Well, if it makes for a cool viral web video then so be it eh? Anything for the promo.

Hmm, I think I like

On Healthy Living – A Weblog to help you live longer, healthier, and happier – on healthy cooking, eating, and life Mar 30 2005

On Healthy Living – A Weblog to help you live longer, healthier, and happier – on healthy cooking, eating, and life

New Template for On Healthy Living
March 30th, 2005 by Gabriel Serafini

Hi there. We’ve got a shiny new template up for On Healthy Living which you should have noticed if you’re reading this. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry — it is strictly vegetarian, and the soothing blue background should, uh, calm your frazzled nerves. The juicy header graphic? Well that’s to give you some sweet and tart inspiration for your writings about living the healthy lifestyle. And stuff like that. If you have any feedback about the new look please leave a comment.

Free Stock Footage – – Royalty Free Video Clips Mar 29 2005

Need some free stock video footage? Check this site out, free downloadable royalty-free quicktime movies.

Free Stock Footage – – Royalty Free Video Clips

Broadcast quality stock footage, royalty free B-Roll.

Add stock footage to your video, add stock footage on your website, or you can use the stock video on your Powerpoint presentations. This stock footage is great for using in Premier, Media 100, Avid or any non-linear system. It’s either free or almost free and it’s also royalty free. The video clips are available for instant download in three resolutions: Streaming Quicktime, MPEG1 or Broadcast Quality Sorenson Quicktime.

EzStatic Mar 29 2005

The Purpose of EzStatic

EzStatic allows you to display pre-built HTML and PHP pages inside your regular WordPress layout. It will also allow high-level users to embed PHP code directly in their posts or static pages in WordPress 1.5.

For example, if you have an HTML file called sample.html, and you want its contents to appear inside your WordPress template, you would be in for an ordeal. You would need to either create a new post and paste the content from the file into it, or copy the template information from WordPress into your HTML file.

EzStatic will extract the content from your HTML file and insert it where the posts would normally appear, without much fuss. This can be done with static HTML files or dynamic PHP files.

Pretty cool, and oh yeah, also necessary to use the Photopress plugin.

More RAM arrived for the Powerbook – Cooking at 2GB now! Mar 29 2005

OS X System Information - 10.3.8 - 2GB

Just finished installing my 2nd 1GB stick of RAM for the Powerbook, so now instead of 1.25GB RAM we’re at 2GB — the max. Excellent! πŸ™‚ Was working on some large booth graphics for print and Photoshop was just crawling. And I was running out of scratch disk. It was bad. Plus, OmniGraffle eats tons of ram + CPU too. So it was time. So now this is about as upgraded as it can easily be (maybe hard drive would be next, but then you start to think, maybe I should just get a new one eventually instead…) Happy…. πŸ™‚

WordPress plugin – vote per post Mar 28 2005

Neat voting per post plugin for WordPress.

Asymptomatic – Votio Again
Hey, do you remember that Votio voting thing I was going to write? Yeah…

It lets you add little voting boxes to every post in a list of categories you specify.

This is probably my worst plugin so far for having to tweak actual code. Call me lazy. You’ll need to add a custom template tag (< ?php votio_ballot_box();?>) inside The Loop wherever you want your box to appear. Depending on your theme, this could be on more than one page. You’ll also need to modify your CSS if you want your voting box to look anywhere near as snazzy as the one here.

SEO Updates – Search Engine Optimization – Updates, News, Tips and Resources from the front lines Mar 28 2005

SEO Updates – Search Engine Optimization – Updates, News, Tips and Resources from the front lines

Another Niner Niner site: SEO Updates.

Ben – here it is Mar 26 2005


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