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Anti-pattern – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jan 23 2006

Developers, developers, developers… πŸ™‚


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Anti-patterns, also referred to as pitfalls, are classes of commonly-reinvented bad solutions to problems. They are studied, as a category, in order that they may be avoided in the future, and that instances of them may be recognized when investigating non-working systems.

The term originates in computer science, from the Gang of Four’s Design Patterns book, which laid out examples of good programming practice. The authors termed these good methods “design patterns”, and opposed them to “anti-patterns”. Part of good programming practice is the avoidance of anti-patterns.

The concept is readily applied to engineering in general, and also applies outside engineering, in any human endeavour. Although the term is not commonly used outside engineering, the concept is quite universal.

See examples of anti-patterns here: Anti-pattern – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CVS update Haiku Jan 23 2006

after updating,
different files fall like snow:
deploy changed config

[I wrote this in response to Steve’s comment about being explicit enough w/ the directions for updating the server.xml file for Tomcat that I wrote before. Thought it was a nice little poem.]

CSS Drive Gallery- CSS Compressor Jan 19 2006

CSS Drive Gallery- CSS Compressor

Use this utility to compress your CSS to increase loading speed and save on bandwidth as well. You can choose from three levels of compression, depending on how legible you want the compressed CSS to be versus degree of compression. The “Normal” mode should work well in most cases, creating a good balance between the two.

Looks cool. Good resource when doing a deployment release and you want your CSS to be as tight as can be.

(Via Erratic Wisdom)

The best blonde joke I’ve seen in a long time… Jan 19 2006

This is pretty crude, and I don’t normally link to stuff like this, but I have to admit, this is pretty funny. Make sure that no one is around when you click this link to see The Best Blonde Joke Ever.

Thanks, Chris for pointing this out… πŸ™‚

Really cool and free graph paper generator – print your own graph paper! Jan 14 2006

graph paper

Just found this neat resource for printing your own graph paper. You can change any of the settings to make exactly the graph paper you want. Useful for planning home remodelling projects… πŸ™‚

Here’s the PDF that I generated: graph paper PDF

Graph paper generator – print plain graph paper
Graph paper generator – print all kinds of graph paper

My .be domains are registered here Jan 9 2006

My new NIC: SG2761-OVH

Man, I haven’t had a NIC in like, FOREVER ever since I dumped Network Solutions in favor of Godaddy. πŸ™‚

It’s all in french. Yay for the Belgians who like to give away 50 free *.be domain names to whoever wants one.

Espace client – OVH

Just registered (for free!) a number of .be domain names, thanks to this cool entry.

WordPress 2.0 theme – WP-Andreas09 Jan 7 2006 – WP-Andreas09

WP-Andreas09 is my WordPress port of an open source template by Andreas Viklund called andreas09. WP-Andreas09 is a full width, 3 column theme with a fluid central column and it comes in 6 different colours that can be changed from within your WordPress Admin Options Panel.

Might have to add this to our Free Blog hosting service –

The Million Dollar PHP Script – A script for selling pixels on your website. Jan 7 2006

Want your own Million Dollar Homepage? You can have one for $50 with a script from these guys:

The Million Dollar PHP Script allows you to sell advertising space on your website by selling pixels! Pixels are bought in blocks of 100 pixels (10×10), and then arranged on a clickable image map with the advertiser’s link.

I would consider buying this script if I were going to do one of thes pages for sure.

The Million Dollar PHP Script – A script for selling pixels on your website.

The Million Dollar Homepage – Blog Jan 7 2006

Alex Tew figured out a new way to SELL something nothing (PIXELS) for $1 / each making almost pure profit and he will have made well over $1,000,000 in just over four months since he’s eBaying the final 1,000 pixels and the current bid is over $150,000. All I can say, is congratulations. You are THE MAN, Alex. For now at least… πŸ™‚


And check out his Popeye arms in his blog picture. But still, $1,000,000 in FOUR MONTHS from ONE WEBPAGE. Just a fricking little genious PUNK isn’t he. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. πŸ™‚

Here’s his first post:

Friday 26th Aug 2005
The Million Dollar Homepage is launched

So I had this little idea the other day. I was trying to think of interesting ways to make some cash before going to Uni (which is in about a month’s time) and somehow this crazy thought entered my head: I’ll try and make a million dollars, by selling 1,000,000 pixels, for $1 each.

And so ‘The Million Dollar Homepage’ is born…

I thought, this could be something crazy enough to work! Because I think people like crazy/quirky ideas. If this captures people’s imaginations and people check out the site, then the pixels on the homepage will have value – and people will buy them (to display their ads etc). That’s the theory anyway. The way I see it though: I’ve got nothing to lose by trying. And I’m sure it’ll be fun.

So anyway, I’ve spent the last few days building the site, registering the domain name, and working out a plan. I love making plans. And here is the result. Check out the freshly made FAQ for all the answers you’ll ever need, and don’t hesitate to buy some pixels!

You can read the rest of his blog :The Million Dollar Homepage – Blog

And the (now) famous site:

Web Sudoku – Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online Jan 7 2006

Hmm… So I tried the online Soduko to see what it’s all about (thanks for the link, Shanti)

Pretty cool, except my first game I took twice as long as the average. πŸ™ I am such a Soduko n00b.

My first Soduko time

Check out this nice online Soduko game:
Web Sudoku – Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

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