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Free Movies Fallen out of Copyright (Public Domain) Jul 31 2006

Free Movies Fallen out of Copyright (Public Domain)

Free Movies, Documentaries, Cartoons, Music & Comedy – 100% handpicked content chosen to inform, educate, shock and entertain you.

None of the movies, films, videos, cartoons and documentaries are hosted on this site. They are embedded from other sites such as Google Video, Dumpalink, iFilm, YouTube.

Most of the films are in public domain: “when a work’s copyright or patent restrictions expire, it enters the public domain and may be used by anyone for any purpose.” -wikipedia

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Power just came back on. Yay! Jul 21 2006

They just turned the power back on by jumpering the transformer that had blown. Thank goodness.

We’ll see if the DSL is back on or not when we get back to the house (posting from St. Louis Bread Co (Panera)).

Power is still out at our house. Jul 21 2006

We’re still without power at our house.

Ameren UE's Electricity Outage Map updated Jul 21 10:26 AM

Here is Ameren’s outage map: Outage Information

Thanks for the link Chris! (he also has no power…)

St. Louis Windstorm 7/19/06 – a photoset on Flickr Jul 20 2006

These are pictures of the aftermath of the giant wind storm that left an estimated 450k citizens over 500,000 (including ourselves) without power in St. Louis and the surrounding region. These were all taken within walking distance of our house.

Pictures of St. Louis windstorm damage from 7/19/06 - Lightning exploded tree

All pictures were taken using my Treo 700p. This particular picture is of a tree that was exploded by lightning.

View picture set: St. Louis Windstorm 7/19/06 – a photoset on Flickr

Reason #206 to own a Treo 700p : Be an emergency ISP Jul 20 2006

We had a MAJOR thunderstorm rip through St. Louis yesterday that knocked out power, telephone and other services for much of the entire region. Many large trees were literally snapped in half. Tower Grove Park looks like a giant went through it with a baseball bat and started knocking down trees left and right.

Reason #206 to own a Treo 700p and have Sprint service here in St. Louis:

We’re sitting here in Northwest Coffee in Clayton, they have power (thankfully), air conditioning (it’s supposed to be over 100° F today) but their DSL is down. No WiFi, no Internet.

I simply hooked up my Treo 700p, enabled USB Modem mode, enabled Internet sharing on my Powerbook, and now I’m serving this small corner of the planet as the only Internet connection.

So, if you have a Treo 700p and EVDO service, you too can be an emergency ISP.

P.S. Tip your barristas.

Quick update – Power is out at our house Jul 19 2006

Due to the enormous windstorm that hit this evening (and possibly some other issue earlier in the day) the power is out on our entire block.

Coincidentally, this means that the servers in my bedroom are also off. Where’s your portable backup generator when you need it?

Hence, posting this from the Coffee Cartel (open 24 hrs, power + air conditioning, w00t), live internet using the Treo 700p since the ‘free’ internet doesn’t actually seem to be working for some reason.

Also, we brought the scanner here so Kristin could finish working on her Mozart kids book. Yay for the Treo 700p. Yay for Mozart. Yay for Coffee Cartel!

KMOV coverage of the storm

Katanaa – Forging sharp web apps Jul 19 2006

Finally launched our new site tonight. Still probably needs testing in IE though it’s looking sharp in Safari and Firefox on Mac.

New Katanaa homepage

Welcome to Katanaa – we make custom web applications

Welcome to Katanaa. We are a custom web application software development company. We specialize in creating easy-to-use applications that solve real-world problems.

No problem is too big or small. We will customize an approach that meets your needs.

Contact us today if you need help with developing a web application.

We built the site using WordPress, of course.

Visit Katanaa – Forging sharp web apps

the show with zefrank – 07-14-06 on Ugly design (think MySpace…) Jul 19 2006

Excellent show by Ze Frank (the first one I’ve seen) on the good of ugly.

the show with zefrank – 07-14-06

ugly, designers, myspace, ugly, ugly song, mushy peas, momma, happy birthday becky

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Top 30 Ruby on Rails Tutorials : Ultimate Web Developer Lists : eConsultant Jul 17 2006

Link to 30 Ruby on Rails tutorials:

Top 30 Ruby on Rails Tutorials : Ultimate Web Developer Lists : eConsultant

Crazy Bike – Google Video Jul 12 2006

Super neato video of a bicyclist doing things with a bicycle that you would never expect.

Click the play button to see it.

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