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YouTube – Cool telephone wire cutting machine robot mounted on a truck Mar 27 2007

Some video I took of a cool machine mounted on the back of a truck that was hauling 3″ thick old telephone copper wire bundle cable out of the ground and chopping it up into 4′ segments to be hauled away. They were then going to lay fiber optic cable in the hole where they pulled the copper out of.

YouTube – Cool telephone wire cutting machine robot mounted on a truck

Taken on my Treo 700p. Love it… ๐Ÿ™‚

More Springtime in St. Louis pictures Mar 27 2007

More cherry tree blossom pictures (sakura)

It is glorious weather in St. Louis right now (this is one of about maybe 12 days a year where it is simply wonderful weather.) Soon it will be very hot and humid. Right now, delightful.

It’s been fun being able to take pictures of the cherry blossoms (sakura) and magnolia trees as they burst into color.

View full set of spring time pictures of walking in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis taken with my Treo 700p cameraphone

Yay, I just got a small Robin Kibby painting! “Highway 880, number 9 – Teeny Oil Painting” Mar 26 2007

Tasty little oil painting that I just bought from Robin Kibby!


oil on canvas
by Robin Kibby
(c) 2006
4 in. x 4 in. (1.5 in. deep)

About the Highway Paintings:

This series celebrates my commute to and from the Oakland studio – landscapes created by layers of cement, Oakland shipyard, distant San Francisco, and the Marin Headlands. The highway undersides are from a part of Oakland that’s been recently redeveloped. A swath of roadway dubbed the Bay Trail passes right under an intersection of highways giving the Vespa rider (me) an impressive view of cement and metal overhead.The smallest Kibby Original Oil Painting offering to date!The petite size makes them very apartment-friendly. Can be hung on the wall or sit on a shelf – ideal for nooks in in need of sprucing, or office-desks in wont of color and pep.Each painting is finished with a light wax varnish, and a small hanger on the back for hanging.

Etsy :: Highway 880, number 9 – Teeny Oil Painting

You can see more of her paintings and artwork here: Robin Kibby on Flickr and buy some of her work at her Etsy shop or check out her other artwork on her main site: – Winterbells [beautiful simple but hard flash game] Mar 26 2007

Gorgeous flash game with wonderful music and a delightful design.

Winterbells - Beautiful Flash game screenshot

Play it now: – Winterbells

Lots more of these neat gentle and delightful games by Orisinal here.

(Discovered it using Stumble Upon)

Spring has arrived in St. Louis! Mar 25 2007

Spring has arrived in St. Louis!, originally uploaded by gserafini.

I took a bunch of pictures today of the beautiful spring blossoms exploding all over Tower Grove Park. The magnolia trees are spectacular right now.

Click here for more of my spring pictures

Check out the Barak Obama “1984” YouTube ad Mar 22 2007

An excellently done mashup of the famous Apple 1984 ad featuring Hillary as Big Brother and Barak as the revolution.

YouTube – Vote Different

How I used the Unix command line to do a multi-file search and replace to fix over 4,700 individual files Mar 21 2007

Evil hackers attack!

Some customers of mine recently reported some suspicious behavior on one of their sites. I discovered, with dismay, that a number of months ago there was a nasty cPanel exploit that some evil hackers had used to insert a malicious line of code into the bottom of every HTML page on this server. After verifying that the cPanel installation had been fixed, I used grep to search through all the files on the server to see if any other files had been touched by the hackers. I found over 4,700 individual files that had malicious code added and knew that something needed to be done immediately to address this problem.

Not the best way to start my day…


And I’m now finally on Facebook and Twitter Mar 18 2007

Turning into the old fogey, trying to keep up with all these new-fangled social networks… ๐Ÿ™‚

I like Facebook so far a lot better than MySpace. Better designed, better organized.

My Facebook profile

And my Twitter page, although I’m not sure how much I’ll really end up using it. Most of the people who care about what I’m doing have my cell number and can call me if they really need to know… ๐Ÿ™‚

My Twitter page

And of course, here is my sweet, not-pimped-out-in-any-way MySpace page.

So there you go. Social social social.

DiddleBug Extractor 2.1 – Palm DiddleBug image extractor script for OS X, Windows, Linux (Replaces Didcon 2.0) Mar 18 2007

DiddleBug Extractor 2.1

DiddleBug drawing - crow

Drawing pictures on your Palm

I use an excellent free Open Source program called DiddleBug on my Palm Treo 700p for doing small black and white drawings. The latest version of DiddleBug creates 320×320 pixel size drawings. These are referred to on their site as “high-res” pictures instead of the 160×160 pixel size drawings that older versions of the software created.

Getting DiddleBug pictures off your Palm

I used to use a nice converter on my Windows laptop called WindleBug but wanted to be able to just use my Mac laptop by itself instead.

The DiddleBug FAQ mentions using a Perl script called Didcon on Windows, Linux and OS X which hadn’t been updated yet to extract the new 320×320 pixel sized images. When I ran the Didcon script for the first time, it saved out a 160×160 graphic that had weird lines running throughout it, due to the fact that it wasn’t reading out the data for a 320×320 pixel sized graphic.

After hacking at it for a little while, including researching how to correctly indicate the pixel size of an image in a Windows bitmap in the header of the file, I managed to get a working script that correctly outputs a 320×320 .bmp file.

This is the modified script, and I’m also including a second script that you can double-click in the Finder to run the extraction process.


St. Louis Art Museum pictures and video Mar 4 2007

Panorama view of sitting in the St. Louis Art Museum
Download full-size panorama (4370 x 972 px)

I made this video with my new camera (Canon SD800-IS) tonight at the St. Louis Art Museum. There was a show called “Art in Bloom” going on and we went with Kathy for dinner and to see a jazz singer.

And here are some of the pictures I took:

Overhead view of event at St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum - Modigliani Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum Artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum

See more of my pictures from the museum here.

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