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Just ordered a new mattress for the guest room Oct 31 2007

Elegance Plush Top - Made right here in St. Louis

Just ordered a new mattress for the trundle bed in the guest room from a manufacturer that is about 2 miles away. I didn’t even know they made that kind of thing locally anymore. So I placed the order this morning, and it will be constructed and delivered this afternoon. Sweet!

Elite Mattress

We’re All Right. Oct 29 2007

This is lovely.

From WereAllRight. Thank you.

Neat visualization of the source code for a website Oct 23 2007

Tuckpointing St. Louis Oct 19 2007

If you need some tuckpointing or stone masonry repair work done in the St. Louis area, I recommend you contact Percy Griffin at (314) 353-7620. He’s been doing work on our house, and has been doing a really nice job of filling the holes and cracks in our foundation and brickwork.

He’s been going through some tough times lately in the financial department, so he’s eager for work and willing to offer very good rates on expert level stonemasonry / bricklaying / repair / tuckpointing work. He can also do plumbing or electrical work.

Master tuckpointer / bricklayer / stonemason available immediately

New car insurance site is now up Oct 18 2007

I’ve had this domain name for a while and finally built something on it. The idea is to figure out good ways to save money on car insurance. We have USAA for ours, which makes it nice because it is a pretty good rate. Some people need extra help, though, to find the best prices. Hopefully this site will assist them in their search.

Check it out: Car Insurance Connection

It is built using WordPress, and will hopefully pay for itself through the Google Adsense ads.

Neat adventure to meet the Dalai Lama by the I Live Inspired guys Oct 16 2007

I’ve been helping Benton Consulting work on the new design for the I Live Inspired website (now launched) and came across this story about the founders who have decided to walk 100 miles across the state of Indiana for a chance to meet the Dalai Lama. Their service is pretty cool, it delivers inspirational text messages each day to your cell phone. I hope they accomplish their goal of getting a meeting and that it goes well. Having messages come directly from the Dalai Lama each day to your phone could be pretty amazing.

Read all about their adventure: As I was walking that ribbon of highway

The funniest cartoon I have seen in a long time – A-minus-minus by xkcd (#325) Oct 5 2007

A-minus-minus cartoon by XKCD

Simply brilliant. The heartiest laugh I’ve had in quite a while. ZOMG ROFL.

Read more awesome comics here: xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe

“Wet-Paint” on “Step’s” Oct 3 2007

"Wet-Paint" on "Step’s", originally uploaded by gserafini.

Glad we got that covered.

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