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  • Javascript Canvas Color Series

    Javascript Canvas Color Series

    I made these using the <canvas> tag and Javascript.  Which one do you like the best?  What do they make you think of?   Link to share this:

  • New OK Go Video is again amazing.

    OK Go are really, really good at this. Link to share this:

  • Evolution of a stadium billboard advertisement

    One of my clients (ARMS – Athlete Relationship Management Software) needed a billboard design to be displayed in a university stadium.  Here are some of the revisions we made, going from the first draft to final version. The requirements were to build two square billboards, one 24″x24″ and the other 8’x8′. First version: In the…

  • Yes Pecan

    Buy the tshirt at Link to share this:

  • A haiku for you

    rain falls as I walk a dog dancing through puddles bare feet on concrete. I wrote this a couple of days ago after walking Kuma in the rain around the park. Link to share this:

  • 150 open documents in Photoshop – long day of work

    This is after a long day of work building out a new website: Lots and lots of graphics there. Good times. Link to share this:

  • Video of the fire in the outdoor patio fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis + exhibition opening pics

    YouTube – Fire in the Patio Fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis We went to the Mad Art exhibition opening tonight. This video is was taken using my Treo 700p and was of the fire in their outdoor patio fireplace. It was quite cozy and nice. Link to share this:

  • Pictures from Anna Lisa’s garden in Orinda

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  • Composite of my pictures of the complete lunar eclipse on August 28, 2007

    Took some pictures of the total lunar eclipse last night. I kind of wish I had a telescope when I was taking these pics. The first couple of shots where it’s all black were just hand-held (1/8 of a second, image-stabilized by the Canon) and the brighter ones were taken on a tripod. Link to…

  • drawball history: one year at 40 hours per second

    This is super, super cool. Each second represents 40 hours of collective time drawing on this huge internet graffiti wall. View the history: drawball history: one year at 40 hours per second Draw there yourself: Found it via Link to share this:

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