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  • How to find an excellent local coffee shop for getting work done

    How to find an excellent local coffee shop for getting work done

    As a web designer who owns my own business, I have the option of working anywhere I can get a good Internet connection and mobile phone coverage. For a while I’ve been exploring different coffee shops / cafes in the East Bay and have discovered a couple of good indicators to tell you if it […]

  • Classic Personal Productivity Tip: Inbox Zero method

    In case you haven’t seen this video yet, you should watch it. Once I adopted the Inbox Zero system (which took about 30 minutes to do the first time) it literally changed my life for the better. YouTube link: Email verbs: More here: Link to share this:

  • Then don’t worry.

    More info about this Zen flowchart here. Link to share this:

  • How to locate your php.ini file

    When you need to know where the php.ini configuration file is on your server, here is a handy way to find it: php -i | grep php.ini Give it a try. Link to share this:

  • How to Unix tip: Find and remove files older than a certain time period

    If you find a directory such as /tmp/ filling up with old and uneeded files, here’s a quick tip for finding and removing what you don’t need anymore. Note that the delete function WILL remove everything it finds, so please understand exactly what it is you are doing here before running that command. Command to […]

  • Howto: Hotkey to mute a post in Google Buzz

    Google Buzz is pretty cool, and I follow a couple of people who have been developing quite substantial conversation threads in Buzz (particularly Robert Scoble, who asks some good questions and gets a ton of answers). If you are wondering how to mute a conversation in Buzz (when a post isn’t as interesting to you, […]

  • How to fix 301 error when importing blog posts including images from a blog into a new blog

    The current import script (as of WordPress 2.8.6) is broken when it comes to successfully importing images from The error you see is something like Remote file error: Remote file returned error response 301 Moved Permanently Fixing this involves adding a couple of lines to a core WordPress file. Hopefully a future version of […]

  • How to disallow browsing of .svn directories on your server

    If you deploy projects live out of Subversion repositories to public web servers, here’s a good tip for denying access to the .svn directories to keep people from snooping around your files. Edit your global Apache config file (httpd.conf) or .htaccess file to include the following directive: # Disallow any .svn directory browsing <directory ~ […]

  • How to: Get rid of widows in your WordPress posts with Widon’t plugin

    I was just working on making some updates to the backend WordPress code for the Principia Pilot website ( and noticed widows in some of the stories. Widows are the typographic term for a single word on a line at the end of a paragraph. I thought about the solution to this problem (basically add […]

  • How to: Automatically add a default set of Custom Fields to each post in WordPress

    One of the neat things about WordPress is how easy it is to add custom metadata to a given page or post that you can then use in a template to display structured information. I’ve been using this technique for a while now to extend the basic WordPress elements of title, body, excerpt, etc and […]

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