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  • Video of the fire in the outdoor patio fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis + exhibition opening pics

    YouTube – Fire in the Patio Fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis We went to the Mad Art exhibition opening tonight. This video is was taken using my Treo 700p and was of the fire in their outdoor patio fireplace. It was quite cozy and nice. Link to share this:

  • More Springtime in St. Louis pictures

    It is glorious weather in St. Louis right now (this is one of about maybe 12 days a year where it is simply wonderful weather.) Soon it will be very hot and humid. Right now, delightful. It’s been fun being able to take pictures of the cherry blossoms (sakura) and magnolia trees as they burst […]

  • Spring has arrived in St. Louis!

    Spring has arrived in St. Louis!, originally uploaded by gserafini. I took a bunch of pictures today of the beautiful spring blossoms exploding all over Tower Grove Park. The magnolia trees are spectacular right now. Click here for more of my spring pictures Link to share this:

  • DiddleBug Extractor 2.1 – Palm DiddleBug image extractor script for OS X, Windows, Linux (Replaces Didcon 2.0)

    DiddleBug Extractor 2.1 Drawing pictures on your Palm I use an excellent free Open Source program called DiddleBug on my Palm Treo 700p for doing small black and white drawings. The latest version of DiddleBug creates 320×320 pixel size drawings. These are referred to on their site as “high-res” pictures instead of the 160×160 pixel […]

  • Orange 10mm LED throwie dog leash modification – night light tracer for walking in the park with Kuma

    So, I finally got my packages of 300 LEDs (ordered on Ebay from a Chinese manufacturer) and 100 watch batteries for the purpose of experimenting with the concept of the LED throwies today. I made my first one with scotch tape and an orage 10mm LED. It was so exciting when it lit up. Silly, […]

  • More updates and improvements have been made to

    I’ve recently made some more nice refinements to Recent Updates Removed the voting links. There are TONS of places where you can register your approval or disapproval. A new site only has about 5 seconds to make a good impression. I had to decide whether voting on each entry as being good or bad […]

  • Google Maps for your Treo!

    I’ve been using kmaps on my Treo for a while and it works pretty great. I’m interested to try this new client from Google. Take the power of Google Maps with you on your Treo. Cruising around looking for a nearby coffee shop? Driving to that new restaurant but can’t remember which street to turn […]

  • Treo RSS feed reader – launches

    Flickr – Clean feeds for busy people: 5 links every 5 minutes. Great for mobile devices like a Treo. This serves as an excellent RSS Reader for Treo Link to share this:

  • Toccer for Treo

    Atomig Cog – Toccer for Treo Toccer is an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) client for the PalmOne Treo 600 and 650. Why Another AIM Client? Our goals for writing an AIM client were twofold: Make the best possible client for the the most common use cases. Make the client as seamless as possible. It should […]

  • About to leave for Andy and Val’s wedding for 5 days

    In exactly 2 hours we’ll be getting up from our short nap to leave for Connecticut for my brother Andy and his fiancee Val’s wedding on Saturday. In other news, the entire downstairs of our house is getting the oak floors refinished (mostly due to the patched new kitchen floor and the flooring guy’s desire […]

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