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  • bash script to copy all files in a directory and convert uppercase characters to lowercase

    So, I recently found out that the version of PHPList that we were using on a client site (2.10.2) had a nasty bug in it where it would convert all URLs in a text version of an email message to lowercase. This bug is fixed in the latest version (2.10.3) but it left a number…

  • signbot – make your own animated scrolling text LED sign

    Neat little application to make a scrolling LED style sign for your website. Write some text and click Generate Sign to make your own animated scrolling text LED sign to use on MySpace, as your forum sig or avatar, or anywhere else. signbot – make your own animated scrolling text LED sign Link to share…

  • Kuma wearing a santa cap

    Kuma wearing a santa cap, originally uploaded by gserafini. This is pretty awesome. To add a Santa cap to any picture in Flickr, just create a note with this text: “ho ho ho hat” and the Santa hat will magically appear. Found it on Boing Boing Link to share this:

  • New release of Collabofit Online Fitness – Your Online Fitness Club

    We’re pleased to announce a new release of Collabofit – Version 1.1. There are a number of new features and lots of bug fixes. Check it out. Collabofit Online Fitness – Your Online Fitness Club Link to share this:

  • Collabofit weight target accomplished!

    Collabofit weight target accomplished!, originally uploaded by gserafini. The next target will be 200lb. Slow and steady wins the race. Or something like that. w00t. 🙂 Link to share this:

  • Use Flash to create a custom upload button with SWFUpload beta

    What is it? Upload files via flash to get the flash-upload dialog goodness. Only display chosen filetypes in dialog Upload multiple files at once by ctrl/shift-selecting in dialog Trigger javascript functions on start, cancel, progress and complete Get file information/size before upload starts Style upload buttons any way you want Do progress-bars/information using valid XHTML…

  • Google Maps for your Treo!

    I’ve been using kmaps on my Treo for a while and it works pretty great. I’m interested to try this new client from Google. Take the power of Google Maps with you on your Treo. Cruising around looking for a nearby coffee shop? Driving to that new restaurant but can’t remember which street to turn…

  • Treo RSS feed reader – launches

    Flickr – Clean feeds for busy people: 5 links every 5 minutes. Great for mobile devices like a Treo. This serves as an excellent RSS Reader for Treo Link to share this:

  • WordPress 2.0.5 – Ronan – new release that also includes important security fixes

    And to think, I was just browsing the WordPress Trac repository earlier today looking at their sweet upgrade scripts in /wp-admin/. Time to upgrade our sites. There are a lot of them. We love WordPress. It’s new release time. The latest in our venerable 2.0 series, which now counts over 1.2 million downloads, is available…

  • WordPress MU 1.0 is released!

    I’ll be upgrading and Share the Practice with this new release… We should also do Niner Blogs as well, come to think of it. WordPress MU is an official branch of WordPress that is designed for managing and hosting thousands of blogs instead of just one. It’s the software that powers, for example.…

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