Tag: fire

  • Enjoying the new fire pit that Kristin made

    We were doing some shopping for a fire pit but didn’t find one that we really liked. We decided to hold off on buying one, and then when we got home we realized we had enough bricks that we could just build our own. Our first use of it was lovely, just like sitting around…

  • Video of the fire in the outdoor patio fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis + exhibition opening pics

    YouTube – Fire in the Patio Fireplace at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis We went to the Mad Art exhibition opening tonight. This video is was taken using my Treo 700p and was of the fire in their outdoor patio fireplace. It was quite cozy and nice. Link to share this: https://www.gabrielserafini.com/blog/2008/04/05/video-of-the-fire-in-the-outdoor-patio-fireplace-at-mad-art-gallery-in-st-louis-exhibition-opening-pics/

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