Thank You 2006.

2006 was a good year. I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year. I’m grateful that I took the opportunity to jump full-time into custom web application development, quitting my day job at Vibe Solutions Group to pursue my goal of having ownership in the projects that I work on. Even though everything hasn’t […] new design is live! new design is live! – Individual feed page, originally uploaded by gserafini. I’m pleased to announce the release of a major facelift for – the site that makes reading a feed easier than ever. The new design places emphasis on easy reading of content – using Georgia as the default reading font, em […]

The first fitness site that lets you get points for playing VIDEOGAMES!!!

We just added 10 new activities to Collabofit, including a special new one: VIDEOGAMES!!! * Videogames??? Here are the top 3 reasons why we think it’s useful to track your time playing videogames using Collabofit: Lots of people love playing videogames, and it is common to actually work up a sweat while playing them. i.e. […]

Fixing’s IMAP date problem | MostlyGeek

Update: I’m now hosting this file here in the hopes that it can be useful to others since the original link doesn’t work anymore. Please note: I cannot provide ANY support for this. I didn’t write it. You should read through the options carefully before running this on your machine. That being said, it did […]

bash script to copy all files in a directory and convert uppercase characters to lowercase

So, I recently found out that the version of PHPList that we were using on a client site (2.10.2) had a nasty bug in it where it would convert all URLs in a text version of an email message to lowercase. This bug is fixed in the latest version (2.10.3) but it left a number […]

signbot – make your own animated scrolling text LED sign

Neat little application to make a scrolling LED style sign for your website. Write some text and click Generate Sign to make your own animated scrolling text LED sign to use on MySpace, as your forum sig or avatar, or anywhere else. signbot – make your own animated scrolling text LED sign

Forerunner 205 – Wristwatch GPS unit by Garmin – I want this…

I think I kind of want one of these… Form meets function with Garmin’s next-generation, sleek and stylish line of personal trainers — the Forerunner 205 & 305. Don’t let their good looks fool you. These taskmasters will continually push you to do your personal best. In addition to its new look, the Forerunner 205 […]

Kuma wearing a santa cap

Kuma wearing a santa cap, originally uploaded by gserafini. This is pretty awesome. To add a Santa cap to any picture in Flickr, just create a note with this text: “ho ho ho hat” and the Santa hat will magically appear. Found it on Boing Boing

Myers-Brigss Test Responses – Apparently I’m an ENTP (not a big surprise there)

I just took this test: And these were my results: E=8 Extraversion I=3 Introversion S=5 Sensing N=15 iNtuition T=12 Thinking F=7 Feeling J=6 Judging P=13 Perceiving You are an ENTP … ENTP – Entrepeneurs, lawyers, psychologists, photographers, consultants, sales represenatives, actors, engineers, scientists, inventors, marketers, computer programmers, comedians, computer analysts, credit investigators, journalists, psychiatrists, […]

Collabofit weight trend graph

Collabofit weight trend graph, originally uploaded by gserafini. Going in a positive direction, I’m happy to say. Check out Collabofit Online Fitness for more. Also, if you’d like an invite to join Collabofit which is still in an invitation-only beta state, send me an email with your email address and I’ll hook you up.