New car insurance site is now up

I’ve had this domain name for a while and finally built something on it. The idea is to figure out good ways to save money on car insurance. We have USAA for ours, which makes it nice because it is a pretty good rate. Some people need extra help, though, to find the best prices. […]

Neat adventure to meet the Dalai Lama by the I Live Inspired guys

I’ve been helping Benton Consulting work on the new design for the I Live Inspired website (now launched) and came across this story about the founders who have decided to walk 100 miles across the state of Indiana for a chance to meet the Dalai Lama. Their service is pretty cool, it delivers inspirational text […]

Serafini Studios Kitchen – Welcome to the kitchen.

Our kitchen now has a website (using WordPress of course). Lots more content to come soon, including the secret story of how the river came to be, the inspiration behind the pipes and the amazing triumph of getting everything finally finished. Visit the site: Serafini Studios Kitchen – Welcome to the kitchen.

New Kitchen Countertop

Portrait of Kristin and the Kitchen, originally uploaded by gserafini. Kristin and Kuma posed for this lengthy timed exposure to capture the blue glowing light from the countertop. Illumination was provided by the dining room light (the overhead kitchen lights were off). This lets the river show up properly. See all the kitchen pictures here: […]

My submissions to the Miro one-click subscribe button contest

Miro (the open source video player formerly known as Democracy) is running a contest right now to design a revised one-click subscribe button. A Fun Little Design Contest Design up to three buttons and submit them as links in the comments. On August 20th, we’ll create a blog post with all of the submissions. There […]

WP-Cache 2.0 – useful for surviving the digg/reddit effect for your WordPress blog

Found this useful plugin from this site while working on a site that was in the middle of getting dugg/reddited: WP-Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly […]

Good article over on Bruce’s site – 6 Sexy Sports Cars Big Oil Doesn’t Want You to Buy

Bruce spent a good amount of time researching the 6 best “green” sports cars. Some awesome pics there, including the Tesla Roadster. These are our favorite “green” sports cars. Some get awesome gas mileage while smoking the competition, and others use advanced bio-fuels to eek out ever higher performance over their gas-guzzling brethren. Big Oil […]

Some excellent WordPress plugins I found recently – Breadcrumbs and better Links page management

I’m working on a new site relating to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliance (it will replace the useless site that is currently up at and was looking for breadcrumb functionality and a better way to manage outputting links from the Blogroll on the links.php page. I had searched for a good WordPress breadcrumbs plugin a while […] is fast again, thanks to a new and improved SQL database schema

For quite a while, has been slow. Ever since it hit, oh, around 1.4 million items in its database (now up over 2 million) the queries that were responsible for building the home page view had gotten slower and slower. The old design The problem was one of normalization, and the desire to not […]

Home – Find Car Wallpapers, Car Desktops and Car Pictures at

Bruce and I just finished getting the template finished for the new site. Check it out: Home – Find Car Wallpapers, Car Desktops and Car Pictures at