Testing out phpGiggle

Testing out phpGiggle — a php application that automatically adds links to text based on definitions. So this should generate links: my siblings: Andy, Rachel, Naomi.


  1. I’d like a feature where you can only link the first instance on a page, instead of every instance.
  2. I’m thinking if I can adapt this script (it is GPL) to link to scriptural selections (ie, if someone enters a reference like (S&H 1:1) then it should automatically link to the appropriate passage Like so: (S&H 1:1). Might take a little work, though 🙂

Current phpgiggle.words.txt (interestingly, ends up linking it’s own listings. 😉

Christian_Science = http://www.churchofchristscientist.org
Kristin = http://www.xyzant.com
Andy = http://www.botzo.com
Rachel = http://www.rachelanna.com
Naomi = http://www.naomiwrites.com

hilite_example = #FFFF00
google.com = http://www.google.com
google = http://www.google.com
dictionary.com = http://www.dictionary.com
dictionary = http://www.dictionary.com
phpgiggle-config.inc.php = http://biermana.org/show_code.php?color=1&id=2
phpgiggle-functions.inc.php = http://biermana.org/show_code.php?color=1&id=3
my-hacks.php = http://wiki.wordpress.org/index.php/my-hacks.php
phpgiggle.words.txt = http://www.biermana.org/phpGiggle/phpgiggle.words.txt
phpgiggle.inc.php = http://biermana.org/show_code.php?color=1&id=1
phpGiggle = http://biermana.org/index.php?p=12&c=1
WordPress = http://www.wordpress.org

gpl = http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html


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