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On week 2 of the GlobalStreams employment deal. Done with my bug-fixes for the day, started working some more on the new mini-site for the partner. Using JSP because it’s what we’re using for registration, continually running into instances where I really want the behavior of PHP (like being able to set a variable and have it interpreted by an included page, like so:

< ? $pageTitle="Error!"; include_once("header-template-file.php"); ?>

So that the header file contains the variable $pageTitle and it substitutes in. In JSP pages, when you include a page, it basically writes the page in.

The culture surrounding PHP and JSP seem to be very different. While the PHP community uses PHP to rapidly build applications, using built-in functions of the language (see http://www.php.net) the JSP community is really more focused on the Java aspects of development, which is definitely more Programmer focused. I guess I prefer PHP mostly because it supplies what I’m looking for, whereas I’m having to search for How To Get It Done in JSP.

The site does have some lovely gradients in the graphics / template, so it should be cool to see it launched.

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