Redesign begun on Serafini Studios website

I worked a lot this weekend on the next version of the Serafini Studios website. It’s got a fresh new look to it, somewhat influenced by the UI tutorial sites I’ve been checking out lately for the work on the GS application. In addition, the navigation code was completely re-worked, with a hint from the HTML_MENU PEAR module array syntax, although other than looking at how they structure their array (a simple multi-dimensional array) I didn’t use any of their code. Partly it seems overly complicated for doing what I wanted. So now, I have a semanatically correct <ul> based navigation structure that looks great in a text browser and is styled using CSS and the fast sprite-based rollover concept from Pixy. The internal structure of the container pages is about as clean and simple as can be. This is a demonstration site for me for how minimal your code can be if you trim out unneeded cruft. This redesign is about elegance in code, elegance in presentation.

Development site for the redesign (may change)
Fast Rollovers

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