Raging Menace – SideTrack – Powerbook trackpad vertical scroll

So, this is my new best friend [at least in the ‘laptop trackpad can now do vertical scrolling department’]. This application does exactly what it promises – adds the ability to vertically scroll in a window by sliding your finger up along the left or right edge of the trackpad (just like it works on my Sony VAIO laptop). It’s _really_ nice when you don’t have a mouse plugged in. 🙂 5 stars.

Raging Menace – SideTrack


What is this?

SideTrack is a replacement driver for the trackpad (touchpad) found on Apple PowerBooks and iBooks. It brings many of the advanced trackpad features found on Windows laptops to MacOS X.

SideTrack supports these features:

  • Vertical scrolling at left or right edge of pad.
  • Horizontal scrolling at top or bottom edge of pad.
  • Map hardware button to left or right click.
  • Map trackpad taps to no action, left click, left click drag (with or without drag lock), or right click.
  • Map trackpad corner taps to mouse buttons 1-6 or simulated keystrokes.
  • Compatible with uControl, including uControl’s scroll emulation.

SideTrack is fully multiuser aware, different users on the same PowerBook can have different settings depending on their needs.


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