Slyck News – BitTorrent Site Updates

Slyck News – BitTorrent Site Updates

BitTorrent Site Updates
August 16, 2004
Thomas Mennecke

We would first like to thank Bharik who brought these BitTorrent links to our attention.

Unlike the rash of vanishing eDonkey2000 link sites following the demise of ShareReactor, BitTorrent sites remain mostly intact throughout the Internet. The most popular of these BitTorrent sites remains, which manages to stay alive (not only from the authorities but its massive traffic) with the help of revolving web servers.

The proliferation of BitTorrent sites has made this network perhaps the most poular alternative P2P network since AudioGalaxy, perhaps even more so. One of the main advantages of BitTorrent is its wealth of information. BitTorrent’s higher learning curve over the spoon fed resources of Kazaa equates to a computer savvy community with a lot of great data to share.

Altough Slyck has written many guides on BitTorrent, we still recieve many requests for the latest BitTorrent sites. Below is a list provided by one of the members of the Slyck community:

TorrentLinks The Suprnova Forums.
TorrentBits Very good community with only the latest releases.
MySpleen TV Shows (must register)
OinkMe Music and small applications.
LokiTorrent Everything (must register.)
UK-Fileshare everything (must register.)
EliteTorrents Everything (must register.)
FileList Everything (must register.)
DVDr-Core DVDR movies in NTSC & PAL, Music DVD’s, Tools and sometimes MISC.
420Joint Everything, but doesn’t really have anythiing good community though.
Kaizoku-Fansubs Anime.
Anime-Xtreme Anime.
Animesuki Anime.
Basix Everything.
Console Console based.
BoxTorrents Anime.
Zcultfm Comic Books
SloTorrent Everything.
TuTorrent Everything.
LiteZone Torrents site listing.
BtSites Torrent site listing.
VcdQuality Scene Releases
Nforce Scene releases.
Izonews Scene releases.

More .torrent info.

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