Adium X – the new OS X Instant Messenging hotness.

Adium X : About

Adium X
The Adium Team is proud to present to you Adium X 0.63, a multiple protocol instant messaging client. This is a culmination of a year long rewrite of adium, which now utilizes libgaim (the core part of gaim) to connect to multiple protocols, and is also based on a new plugin architecture. Partial address book integration, cool looking tabs, multiple protocols for instant messaging, and a compact contact list are some of the many features of the new Adium X. Give it a try; we’re sure you will like it.

Adium X is under active development. We have a lot planned, and we appreciate your support 🙂

So, Tim turned me on to this (and most of the other OS X software in tonight’s posts). Thanks, Tim. And this does definitely seem better than Fire, which is what I’ve been using till now.


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