I have 6 5 50 gmail invitations if you’re interested.

Anyone reading this, I currently have 6 gmail invitations. Not like it isn’t getting easier and easier to get one, but if you _still_ don’ t have one and you would like one, let me know (either via email, the comments below, telephone, IM, whatever.)



Update: Still have 5 left as of 11:21pm September 17. Gave first one away to Angelica. 🙂

Update: back up to 6. Gooooooogle are so tricksy when it comes to marketing their new email service. So tricksy… 🙂

3/24/05 Update: Have 50 invites now. Leave a comment to receive an invite. A link back to www.gabrielserafini.com would be appreciated too. You can use the following code to create your link:

<a href="https://www.gabrielserafini.com/">Gabriel</a>

25 responses to “I have 6 5 50 gmail invitations if you’re interested.”

  1. It would be totally rad if you could send me a Gmail Invite, I’ve been wanting a Gmail account since they opened it but alas, found out too late and Never got around to signing up, now I find that I have to be invited. 🙁

    Well, if you have any left I would greatly appreciate it.


  2. Hey! I don’t know if you still have any invites left but i have been wanting gmail for a while now. If you could send one of those bad boys my way it would make me a very happy person xD thanks a million

  3. I’m just dying to get a Google email invite. It’s great that you have so many to give away. If you’re all out I guess I’ll just have to ask santa.

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