STL WordPress Meetup IS ON!

Hey STL-located WordPress-interested person: Come to the first official STL meetup (or at least the first one that I’m going to, and now that I’m king-overlord-master-organizer of the group (elected by myself)) we’re going to party at Coffee Cartel. Because it’s open 24 hours. And we all have other things to do during the daylight hours. Night is for coding.

See you there. I might even drag Kristin along, since she likes it there, although sometimes, the nerding, the nerding, it drives her a little bit crazy. Anyways, we’ll see ya’lls.

Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 11:45 PM

Coffee Cartel
2 Maryland Plz
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 454-0000

Cofee Cartel is open 24 hours, so we’re going to meet for a late-night web developer style meeting. It’s fun. And we’ll meed outside if the weather is nice enough, or inside if not.

Bring your laptop if you want, or look for the guy with the powerbook. Maybe we’ll even have a small sign. Bring a friend or two if you think they’d be interested.

Newbies are welcome, we can probably answer just about any questions you might have about WordPress, blogging, coding, girlfriends / boyfriends, whatever. 🙂

Meetup page to RSVP: STL WordPress Group

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