Tulip -PHP IDE environment

Runs on both Linux and Windows. My IDE is still text editors – currently Smultron on OS X and Crimson Editor on Windows (and vi on Linux)… 🙂

GNU license.

Tulip – Editor de C�digos para PHP

What is Tulip?

Tulip – A PHP-GTK based Code editor, a tool for coding PHP scripts, written using PHP as base language and Gtk as user interface. Tulip has features that make it a good choice to develop free software in a co-operative environment. Tulip has an interface that allows you to set up your projects, and deal with them in a distinct way through an intuitive file explorer tree.
Tulip has CVS controls, making it possible to create, update and delete remote files seamlessly from a CVS server, allowing the programmer to manage several big projects with individual organization for each project. Tulip has also controls that lock work files, enhancing security in a networked development environment, avoiding another people to mistakingly change files you are working on.

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