Wastebug – alternate bug tracking system

Updated on Freshmeat today. Another GNU bug tracking system with a focus on developer simplicity, influenced by Joel on Software. Might check it out, although we’ve still been pretty happy using Netoffice.

Teemu Voipio


Wastebug is here! It is a minimalistic, yet usable bug manager. It’s main design principles are simplicity and usability. It will probably always lack many of the features that managers, control freaks and methodologists want; it’s designed for developers instead. Read on, or maybe jump directly to download.

Latest version is 0.9.0, which is intended as a feature complete release candidate for 1.0.0.

Wastebug was born when I wanted a simple bug manager, but was not happy with any of the open source solutions available. Most of them where either far too complex, awful to use, or simply impossible to install. In fact, I wasn’t really any happier with the commercial solutions either. That said, if Wastebug seems too simple, and you’re not afraid of paying a little, you might want to consider FogBUGZ instead. While Wastebug owes to Joel Spolsky’s articles quite a bit, even FogBUGZ wasn’t slim enough for me.


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