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MoveOn Missouri – heating up… :) Oct 26 2004

Dear Friends,

Forget the laundry. Let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Break out the TV dinners and tell the kids to do their own homework.

My friends, I need you to put your daily routine on hold for the next 200 hours.

The great grassroots geniuses at MoveOn PAC need 1,157 more volunteers in the next 24 hours to mobilize voters in the battleground neighborhoods they’re targeting in Saint Louis and other key areas. So pick up the phone and call the MoveOn PAC office closest to you. Right now. (Stop reading this — I mean it, call right now!)

Kansas City: 816-531-2366
St. Louis: 314-647-5785

Or, sign up on MoveOn PAC’s website and a local staffer will call you within 24 hours to get you started:

You live in a swing state, so you really can’t leave this to anyone else. I don’t want to wake up on Nov. 3 and see Missouri colored red. And I know YOU would rather eat wet socks than watch Peter Jennings talk about how the Republicans out-hustled us and out-smarted us on Election Day.

You’ve only got to help for the next 7 days. That’s it: no long commitment. No hidden fees. You can cancel at any time, and these five albums are yours to keep, free of charge. But I need you to act now — operators are standing by.

Kansas City: 816-531-2366
St. Louis: 314-647-5785

I know you’re tired of hearing this. Between ACT, MoveOn, the Kerry Campaign, Manicurists for Democracy, you must have been asked 100 times. What I want to know is, what are you waiting for? A personal appeal from Ben Affleck? A free tote bag? Jump in! Your future depends on it. Your kids’ future. Even your hamster’s. They’re all counting on you. And all you have to do is talk to some of your neighbors about why George Bush gives you heartburn, and how things could be different.

MoveOn PAC has a great plan to win this — by getting your non-voting neighbors to the polls. There are 92 million non-voters in this country, and they might actually vote if they get a visit from a neighbor in the next week. Some of your neighbors might hate Bush but still be sitting on the fence about Kerry (you can usually tell by their awkward gait). You may not be a big Kerry fan either. That’s OK. The Leave No Voter Behind program isn’t really about asking people to vote for Kerry — it’s about asking them to join with millions of ordinary Americans to change the direction of this country. And the first step is to return George Bush to Connecticut — er, Texas. So sign up!

An hour a night is a start. A full day this weekend is even better. But why go halfway? Skip work or school next Tuesday. Play hooky for Kerry. What are you going to remember in 10 years? The memo you rewrote for LuAnn in accounting? The lecture you slept through on high modernism? Or the way it felt watching the returns come in on Tuesday night, knowing that our national nightmare is coming to a close and you helped put us over the top. Take it from me: the dishes can wait.


Michael Moore

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

i330 echo problem fixed Oct 26 2004

So I like my i330 again. I was having this terrible echoing problem that made it hard for the person on the other end to communicate well.

I was worried that something was really wrong w/ it, but then I realized that if I simply turned the volume in the speaker down then the horrible echo went away. Yay.

This entry scribbled on my i330. heh.

Podcast logo by Tim Oct 26 2004

Dawn and Drew had a link to Tim in Australia who made some rather lovely Podcast logos for everyone to use. That they’re using. Tim’s also got a pretty nice WordPress site. Sweet. 🙂

Tim Madden – Web Designer – Brisbane Australia

Podcast logo

Podcasting Logo

I have created a couple of concept logos for anyone with a podcast. Feel free to use them, and let me know what you think.

Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Features :: The New Road to Riches Oct 26 2004

Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Features :: The New Road to Riches

The New Road to Riches

How to get ahead in the postbubble world: Build a company cheap. Flip It fast. Repeat.

By Om Malik, October 01, 2004
The turning point on Iain Lamb’s unlikely road to riches may have come at that depressing moment when he was forced to part with his car. It was 2002, and Lamb and Ethan Diamond, two in the vast migratory herd of coders who’d made their way to Silicon Valley during the tech boom, were desperately struggling to ride out the bust. The high school pals from Colorado had jumped from a dying dotcom, where they had grown deathly bored by the company’s main business, designing spreadsheets. So they set about trying to create something that did interest them: a new Web-based e-mail service that would look and feel like a mainstay desktop program such as Microsoft (MSFT) Outlook Express. They didn’t really think it could lead to much; they just wanted to make their e-mail work better. “We didn’t see it as a great business idea at all,” Diamond recalls.

But that began to change when, after months of hard-core coding, they came up with a Web-based app that not only mimicked Outlook but in some ways improved upon it. Friends, mostly coders, raved about it. Eventually, popular blogger Dave Winer put up a link to the program on his website. Within hours the app got so many hits that the battered PC that Diamond and Lamb were using as a server crashed. “We realized this could be a real business,” says Diamond, who’s now 33. They formed a company and called it Oddpost.

This is actually a really well-written article, discussing the ongoing trend of small companies and ventures getting swallowed up by the giant companies. Because small companies are better at innovating than the large ones, and the large ones know it.

You can also read the article here in a full-page-with-ads version that is actually pretty cool.

Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info: Google Pagerank Status Oct 26 2004

Another essential Firefox extension – this one displays a page’s Google Pagerank value. mmmm, tasty pagerank. 🙂

Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info: Google Pagerank Status

Google Pagerank Status 0.9.2

By Stephane Queraud
Display the google pagerank in your browser’s status bar.

Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info: Web Developer Oct 26 2004

Just installed Firefox 1.0.1 for OS X tonight. It doesn’t seem to handle migrating from previous version perfectly, so I’m updating my bookmarks + extensions. This is one of the excellent ones that I’ve come to rely upon.

Mozilla Update :: Extensions — More Info: Web Developer

Web Developer 0.8

By Chris Pederick
Adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools. Current tools include converting form POSTs to GETs, hiding images, outlining block level elements, and disabling styles – plus many more.

Menlo Park 2.0 logo graphics Oct 26 2004

Menlo Park 2.0 logo graphics

Motto: Menlo Park 2.0 – Entrepre-Hacker Human Capitalists

logo 1
Menlo Park 2.0 - Entrepre-Hacker Human Capitalists

logo 2
Menlo Park 2.0 logo

blog button (80×15):
Menlo Park 2.0

big button (128×128):
Menlo Park 2.0 128x128

favicon (16×16):
Menlo Park 2.0 favicon

Add the button to your blog or site:
<a href="" title="Menlo Park 2.0 - Entrepre-Hacker Human Capitalists"><img src="" width="80" height="15" alt="Menlo Park 2.0 - Entrepre-Hacker Human Capitalists" border="0" /></a>

Rachel’s new firewire drive is shipping… Oct 25 2004

Rachel‘s new Firewire drive is shipping. Wee hee. < $100. Tracking

Best. Spam. EVAR. Oct 25 2004

First of all, I think that basically Yahoo!’s spam filtering could still use some definite improvements. Second of all, WHO WOULD CLICK ON THIS LINK??? This is directly quoted, the most recent spam in my Yahoo inbox. I mean it’s funny and all, but really….

Subject: Your Yahoo! ID – gserafini@yaho

D‮ae‬r Yah‮!oo‬ Mem‮reb‬,

We mu‮ts‬ c‮eh‬ck t‮ah‬t y‮uo‬r Y‮!ooha‬ ID was regi‮ets‬red by r‮ae‬l p‮oe‬ple. So, to he‮pl‬ Y‮ooha‬! pre‮tnev‬ au‮ot‬mated
regis‮art‬tions, pl‮sae‬e cli‮kc‬ on t‮sih‬ li‮kn‬ and c‮lpmo‬ete c‮do‬e ve‮oitacifir‬n p‮ecor‬ss:


T‮knah‬ you

Links to some 404’d Russian page. heh heh. 🙂

Galerías de Fotos de los Usuarios de – ¡Bienvenido! Oct 25 2004

Damn, dawg, put a nice set of rims on a Geo Metro and it IS PIMPIN’! Well, at least that seems to be the current moda in Mexico. 😉

Tricked out Chevy

Galerías de Fotos de los Usuarios de – ¡Bienvenido!

Sube tu chevy!

Check them out. Gallery is linked on the site (en Espanol). Inspiration from Fark)

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