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11,Greenville Street
Sandton South Africa
TEL: +27-83349-3003

ATTN: McVey,

I am Musa William the son of late PRINCE Dan William who was murdered as a
result of the land dispute/reform in ZIMBABWE. I got your contact during my
search for reliable and compitent foreigner to assist us in a confidential
financial transaction, then I decided to write you. My late father was among
the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered in cold blood by the agent of
the ruling government of PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE for his alleged Financial
support and sympathy for Zimbabwean Opposition Party,Movement for Democratic
Change(MDC). Before the death of my father, he took me to South Africa to
deposit the sum of TWELVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ($12M. USD) with a
security and financial company, as if he for saw thelooming dangers in
Zimbabwe. The money was depositedas a his personal belongings to avoid much
from the security firm. The money was earmarked for the purchase of new
machinery and the establishment of new farms in Lesotho and Swaziland.’

This land problems arose when president ROBERT MUGABE introduced a new land
Act,Which wholly affected the white rich farmers and some few opposition
blacks vehemently condemned the new land reform Act adopted by the
government.This resulted to rampant killing and mob actions. I and my family
who are currently staying in South Africa as refugees or asylum seekers have
decided to contact your person for assistance to transfer the money to your
country or the account you may wish to provide for us where we can invest
it. I am faced with the dilemma of claiming/investing this amount of money
in South Africa for fear of encountering the same experience in future since
both countries have the same political history. Moreover,the South African
monetary policy/law does not allow such investment hence I am seeking for an
asylum. I must let you know that this business is 100% risk free and the
nature of your business does not necessary matter.

So, if you are willing to assist my family move out this fund as well as
invest it wisely in your country
his money, I and my family have agreed to go into partnership with you after
the successful transfer of
this fund to your account or country or you take 25% of the total money, 70%
will be for our family while the remaining 5% will be mapped out for all
expenses we may incure during the transaction.
Therefore, if you are capable and interested to render the needed
assistance, endeavour to reply through my e-mail address or the above
number. I also need your private phone and fax number for easy and better

Remember that this Transaction is highly confidential mostly for the safety
of our lives here in south Africa. Expecting your reply soonest.

Best Regards,


One response to “Subject: URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL”

  1. DEAR SIR,
    With due respect and humility I send you this mail. Please I am indeed
    sorry bothering you. Permit me a brief intoduction . I believe that on
    the basis of such introduction you would understand the purpose of this
    I am a professional financial advisor on offshore and real estate investment,
    portfolio management with a private finance and security company in Thailand.
    My company work for expatriate community here in Bangkok, Thailand. One of my clients,
    Mr. David Bersson, a Pittsburgh business man deposited the sum of Sixteen Million,
    Eight Hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$16.8M) with our company .
    It was deposited as family treasures.
    But sadly and unfortunately, Mr. David Berssonlost his life in the deadly Tsunami of December 26th 2004.
    Ever since no close relative or next of kin has come forward to claim the money deposited with us.
    Therefore, My colleague and I, who are the direct fund managers have decided to move/transfer this fund into a nominated foreing account, for future investment. To this regards, I seek your assistance and co-operation
    . 1. I will arrange for the deposit certificate to be changed to your name,
    2.I will issue to you a Transfer Authorisation of the Consignment,
    3. Afterwhich, you will transfer the money to your private accounts.
    4. You will later on assist us in investing the money in a lucrative business.
    You should be rest assured that no one will question it because all financial deposit Cerificates and transfe
    r authorisation pass my desk for final approval To facilitate a smooth deal, we have agree on the followng
    :1. 30% of the money for you as reward , 2. 5% For expenses on hotel ,
    flight tickets and any other, 3. While, 65% shall be for us {My colleage and Me}.
    For further details , send to me : 1. Your mobile phone number, 2. Your direct fax number
    , this will enable me fax to you the documents concerning the consignment. This is a sensitive and private business,
    The knowledge of which should be restricted , therfore do not dicsuss it with a third party . Do not fear, it is not terrorist
    or drug money. I thank you in advance for reasoning with me. I look forward to your favorable reply.
    Yours sincerely,
    Sir Lee Chong Mi

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