War is Peace. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

So, now with the election behind us (well, maybe we would want to recount and audit the results to document whether or not Bush really did win or not, but that is neither here nor there) the time for War has come again.

War as entertainment

Listening to NPR the past couple of days it became very apparent that there is no question about it. War is entertainment. The announcer was describing the situation in Falluja, describing the layout of the city, describing the Marines waiting to attack, describing the bombing that we were doing to destroy much of the city, the hundreds of thousands of people who have left, the one hundred thousand or so that remained, including women and children. Describing how basically, everyone left in the city was pretty much an insurgent.

We are going to kill thousands of people. Many of our soldiers will probably die. And for what? So we can drive our SUVs, slap a yellow magnetic “I support our troops by driving this big ass SUV which guzzles gas and justifies invading an oil-rich nation to ‘liberate‘ the inhabitants from their soverign possession of all that oil” ribbon and feel good about ourselves.

This is not just. The results of the election were not a mandate. The time for healing will be when we stop killing our neighbors. If I were in a country where another country invaded me, killed members of my family perhaps, made me leave my city or face tanks bombs and machine guns, would I try to stand up and fight? I think I probably would, and probably so would most Americans. So why is it any surprise that “insurgents” are “resisting” our attemts to “liberate” them? I wouldn’t want to be liberated. We all know what that means. Liberated from life maybe.

So to all those people who vote Pro-Life™: Think about Iraqi life. What did they do to you? <cough>What would Jesus do?</cough>

To the question “Is there ever justifiable war?,” I say, sure. I believe there are cases for justifiable war. I think our War of agression and death and destruction waged on the Iraqi people does not qualify, and I truly believe we are making more enemies than we will be able to handle in the future.

Impeach Bush.

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