QemuX. The power of Qemu in your hands.

QemuX. The power of Qemu in your hands.

QemuX claims to be a powerful UI (User Interface) for the Qemu CPU Emulator by Fabrice Bellard. QemuX is designed for Mac OS X. As qemu currently only runs as a Terminal App, a Cocoa application for managing configurations and simple launching of a foreign Operating System makes your life easier. It’s just the Apple way of life! 🙂

QemuX does all this for you. But it does many more. You don’t have to worry about installing qemu first – QemuX will get and install it for you. It also includes an Assistant for setting up a foreign Operating System on your Mac. Try it – It’s so easy!

This is supposed to be like Virtual PC, only its open source. Gonna give it a try.

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