Firefox remote filesystem file manager TEH Awesome!!!

This is just really, really neat. Go here with a Mozilla based browser (like Firefox, for example) and click on the TRY FILEMANAGER link on the right-hand side.

Really cool. – filemanager: index

FileManager 1.2.3: New release with LGPL!

We have just made the new release for our FileManager, the 1.2.3 milestone, with many UI bugs fixed and the most important thing is that… FileManager is finally LGPL!!! This means you can freely use FileManager or any portion of its code in both free and proprietary projects. Source packages and installation guide can be found in the Installation section – dgthanhan (11/27/2004)

Introduction to XUL FileManager
FileManager is a XUL-based web application running on Mozilla family browsers. This software helps web-masters manage files on web-servers as easily as using Window Explorer. With this application you can easily control you website remotely without any installation.

Key features

* Browsing files and folders using tree and list controls
* Copying and moving files and folders using tradditional copy/cut/paste operations
* Uploading and Downloading files easily
* Built-in text editor
* Speeding up your operations by shortcut keys
* Easily controling your files and folders using context menus
* More features can be added as extensions
* And much more…

Filemanager License

FileManager is released under the GNU LGPL. More information on LGPL can be found at:

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