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The Matrix

Has Sony ‘patented an idea for transmitting data directly into the brain’? Scary.

Luckily Chris Bunting of Thumb Gods is keeping an eye on them for us. Unless, of course, this is all just a simulated Sony version of reality that we’re living in right now.

For techies: Prototype – an Object-Oriented JavaScript library (disclaimer: I wrote this… so treat ‘best of’ status as spurios at best) 🙂

Blogging Naked: Clayton Cubitt: not quite safe for work… but beautiful

Nandini Seshadri: Sex and the Baby Boomer – Can drug therapy help? (Sometimes you don’t like to think about these things as a young person… interesting though.)

Also, Become a novelist, boomer! Nandini says:

Long before he became a rock star and racked up two Top 10 hits and nigh-on a dozen albums, Greg Kihn loved The Twilight Zone. Skin-prickling episodes about apocalypses and phantom hitchhikers made him yearn, unlike the books he read in English class, to spin spellbinding stories all his own.

In class action news, Doctors back Bextra ban. There’s all kinds of class action news these days with the Pfizer / Bextra / Vioxx stuff going on. Hopefully we can make reading about this stuff not nearly as dull as the mainstream media does. We’ll see 🙂

Christy Patrick on the Diet Logs: How much is your diet costing you?

How much is your diet costing you? Well, according to a recent report from Forbes, it could be costing you over 50% more than a normal diet would. Forbes did research on ten of the major diets right now, from Jenny Craig to Subway, to find out how much it costs on average per week.

Patty Harder: More on calorie burning and what’s your resting metabolic rate

PS: did you know that dark chocolate does a body good? I certainly didn’t!

Thumb Gods: Police find crack cocaine hidden inside a PlayStation 2 game console

Feed Money: Darren Rowse makes a six-figure income from his blogging efforts. Find out how at

Sarah White asks, are you in credit hell?

The tax man cometh right around this time of year. Christy shares some strange and unusual tax deductions. (See also the top 10 taxpayer mistakes.)

Nandini has scored a credit card search form to help you find the lowest rate cards. Sweet!

Nadini comes through again with an interesting chart on how much money you need to retire early.

More scary debt stats over on Fix My Finances:

$1.7 trillion
Total consumer credit.

Credit card debt carried by the average American.

$50 billion
Total finance charges Americans paid in 2001.

Percent of U.S. households deemed “credit worthy” by the lending industry.

1.3 million
Number of credit card holders declaring bankruptcy last year.

HIPAA Blog: medical privacy rules are confusing for patients (as well as medical staff!)

Over on Games for Money, we’ve got some Texas Low Limit Hold ‘Em tips.

Also, did your parents did warn you about drawing to an inside straight? If not, read the post for some (inside straight draw) poker tips.

High Heel Over on High Heels Blog, after dabbling in some $100+ heels for a while, now the bargain hunt continues.

High Heel Ladies (and drag queens, and boyfriends), Nandini has posted her Guide to Buying Heels – Part 3. See also part 1 and part 2.

Sarah White on Medcare Forum discusses alternative medicine:

A new survey indicates that three-fourths of all adults in America over age 50 use some kind of alternative medicine (for the purposes of this survey, alternative included accupunture, chiropractic, massage therapy, breathing exercises, herbal remedies and alternative medicine). The survey of more than 800 adults found the most-used alternative therapy was chiropractic care.

On Healthy Living: Boost your energy with power foods! Or, just eat a twinkie (ugh).

Love strawberry shortcake but hate all the calories? Here’s a healthier strawberry shortcake recipe.

It’s almost time to hitchhike. Haven’t read the book myself, but the previews look cool.

Laurie Barak points to some PayPal alternatives over on Powersellers Blog.

Nancy Callahan on The Single Life has some pointers on how to ‘read’ your date.

That’s about it for this edition of Massively Multiposter Best of Niner Niner Roundup, ’05.

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