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Neat Australian designer is offering a set of free greyscale icons. Check them out, and check out his site too. He’s the one who designed the WordPress theme I’m using right now….

e-lusion > Icon Development

Yep free icons!

Go on, download em. I dare you!

Here’s the deal, they have been sitting here on my desktop for quite some time which is no good to anyone is it. Originally they were designed to make a quick buck and see if I was up to the job. They were inspired from Dan’s awesome set, Overcast and after learning from his The Anatomy of an Icon tutorial I had to give it a go. I suggest if you want a top quality set of greyscale icons head over to Simplebits and buy yourself a set from a pro.
What do you get?

Greyscale is a set of 40 greyscale icons which each fit into a 34 x 34 pixel area.

* 1 flat file gif containing all 40 icons
* 1 flat file png containing all 40 icons (All colours intact)
* 40 individual gif files
* The right to do what you like with them – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Australia

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