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Neat 1-take dance video, nice song, fun. πŸ™‚

Still from cool music video (video/quicktime Object)

Found via Khoi Vinh‘s excellently spartanly wonderfully black and white designer blog.

Creating a Star Rater using CSS Aug 30 2005

This is a really good article about how to create a star rating system where you mouse over the stars to register your vote and they light up using only CSS. Flippin sweet! (5 stars, heh.) πŸ™‚

Creating a Star Rater using CSS – Blog – Komodo Media

Creating a Star Rater using CSS

This is my first contribution to the CSS loving community. So, many of you have seen a blog. Many of you have seen comments and reviews on sites such as Netflix and Amazon. Most of these reviews, as in Amazon’s case or Movies, as in Neflix’s case come with a handy dandy rating. I’ve even seen the star rating system used at Many of these solutions may use JavaScript or just have an individual hover state for a single star. The question I pose is…. Can you create a star rating using only CSS. I’m talking the kind that when you hover over the 4th star, there are four stars that show up on the hover state. Well, I’m glad you asked because that is just the question I intend to answer.

But! Before we get into the action, I know I like to see a working example first, so here, check this out.

svn keyword Id expansion Aug 28 2005

svn propset svn:keywords "Id" * will set the Id property to expand in your source code on everything. Coupled with a little find action and you’ve got a whomper of a property setting command.



Subversion has the ability to substitute keywords%u2014pieces of useful, dynamic information about a versioned file%u2014into the contents of the file itself. Keywords generally describe information about the last time the file was known to be modified. Because this information changes each time the file changes, and more importantly, just after the file changes, it is a hassle for any process except the version control system to keep the data completely up-to-date. Left to human authors, the information would inevitably grow stale.

For example, say you have a document in which you would like to display the last date on which it was modified. You could burden every author of that document to, just before committing their changes, also tweak the part of the document that describes when it was last changed. But sooner or later, someone would forget to do that. Instead simply ask Subversion to perform keyword substitution on the LastChangedDate keyword. You control where the keyword is inserted into your document by placing a keyword anchor at the desired location in the file. This anchor is just a string of text formatted as $KeywordName$.

All keywords are case-sensitive where they appear as anchors in files: you must use the correct capitalization in order for the keyword to be expanded. You should consider the value of the svn:keywords property to be case-sensitive too%u2014certain keyword names will be recognized regardless of case, but this behaviour is deprecated.

Subversion defines the list of keywords available for substitution. That list contains the following five keywords, some of which have aliases that you can also use:

Fix for WordPress database error: [Can’t open file: ‘wp_stattraq.MYI’. (errno: 145)] Aug 28 2005

Having this problem or one like it?

WordPress database error: [Can't open file: 'wp_stattraq.MYI'. (errno: 145)]

In case you’re wondering how to fix this situation, just go to your MySQL control panel (in my case, a cPanel), click on MySQL then on the Repair button next to the database’s name. Has worked like a charm for me on a number of sites where the database had gotten corrupted.

The Hype Machine – Today’s Blog Music Aug 27 2005

Archives of mp3s mentioned on mp3 blogs. Pretty sweet! πŸ™‚

The Hype Machine – Today’s Blog Music

What is the world listening to today?
Click a link on the right to hear music posted today on dozens of blogs! Listen using Winamp, our Flash player, or any other player that supports podcasts or m3u playlists.

Put Linux onto your iPod Photo (4g) – Mac installer that works Aug 26 2005

Want iPodLinux running on your 4th generation iPod, iPod photo, or iPod mini, but hate doing all the steps manually?

Well now you can get games, videos, gameboy games, Doom, text input, and much more all on your iPod!


Thank you for the simple installer that actually works! πŸ™‚

Zarius-One Aug 25 2005

My cool friend Chris’ site. Though, he should really get WordPress installed already.


There is no spoon.

The Matrix

REBOOT STEREOPHONIC – Sweet mexican remix – Cha Cha No. 29.3.1416 Aug 25 2005

So… I THOUGHT I had found this via Boing Boing, but then, looked again, no dice. So, finally tracked it down, was driving me crazy. Not sure if they posted it and it got disappeared or what. Anyways, download, give it a listen, I find myself listening to it twice each time.


Listen to the Mexican Institute of Sound remix of Bagels and Bongos Cha Cha No. 29
(IMS, or Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound), is Camilo Lara, a Mexico City based electronic musician, DJ, and EMI Mexico’s VP. of Marketing. For the past decade, Lara has been at the forefront of Mexican alternative music and a pioneer in bringing the music to worldwide audiences He has remixed artists such as Placebo, Babasonicos, Marco Antonio Solis, and Le Hammond Inferno, and has just released his debut album of Latin American sound collage, Mejico Maxico (Love Monk/Discos Buenos).

Download mp3 now

Wednesday workout Aug 25 2005

Shorter workout today, ~45 minutes. 6 miles on the bicycle, arm curls, crunches, some running and walking.

Listened to an interesting podcast from the BlogHer 2005 sessions entitled How to get Naked, talking about personal identity blogs.

Weigh-in: 215lb.

Applescript to automate process of recording Real Player .ram to .mp3 on Mac OS X and putting into iTunes (for Christian Science Bible Lesson podcast) Aug 23 2005

You may recall that I had shared instructions before about how to record the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson using Real Player, Audio Recorder and Soundflower.

Well, after one more time of forgetting to hit the Audio Recorder Stop button after the Real Player was finished streaming the file, ending up with a 37 minute long recording, comprising approximately 9 minutes of silence at the end, I decided to finally do something about it. This application is the result of that frustration.

This application still requires that you have Soundflower, Real Player and Audio Recorder correctly installed. Click on the link above if you don’t have them yet. Once you’ve installed them, you can download and run the scripts below to automatically record this week’s lesson.

This script automates the previously manual process of:

  1. Change System Preferences > Sound > Input and Output to Soundflower (2ch)
  2. Open Real Player
  3. Open Audio Recorder
  4. Open Bible Lesson URL in Real Player
  5. Click Record button in Audio Recorder
  6. Click Stop button in Audio Recorder after the file finishes (~28:31)
  7. Drag timestamped .mp3 file into iTunes
  8. Quit Real Player
  9. Quit Audio Recorder
  10. Change Sound Preferences back to something that I can actually listen to
  11. Delete original .mp3 file
  12. Get info on file in iTunes
  13. Add Artist, Composer, Title, Album, Genre and Comments
  14. Optionally play in iTunes

This script automates ALL of that. So, without further ado, here it is to download, use and modify if you wish, licensed under Creative Commons. Open Source, free for you to take, modify and use as you like, as long as it is not for commercial uses and you give attribution to me as the original author. Thanks!

Download the script

Click here to download Bible_Lesson_to_MP3_Recorder_Script_1.6.dmg

There are two versions of the script in the .dmg file. The Quiet Version simply has all dialogs turned off. It runs the script without prompting you for any input. It is particularly suited to using with a cron script (example: open The other one has fancy dialog scripts to walk you through the process, also have bonus voice promts. Weeeeee!

The final results of both versions are the same: A 28:50 long mp3 recording sitting in your iTunes, waiting to be listned to and added to your iPod the next time you sync.

Thanks to all the Applescripters on the net who helped me figure things out, particularly how to talk to Real Player using the window 0 identifier.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

AppleScript source code:

Click here to view HTML color coded Applescript

Feel free to add any suggestions or comments below.

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