Good List of Open Source programs for Mac OS X

This is a reall good list of Open Source software for the Mac. I’ve got most of these programs installed. Yay! 🙂

opensourcemac []

Since the list contains only applications that runs natively on Mac OS X, it does not include software available through Fink.

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  1. Pervaiz,

    There are a number of excellent source code editors out there for OS X.

    Personally, I use TextWranger from Bare Bones (free to download and use) for most of my day-to-day text editing on OS X. I used to use Smultron, but I’ve found lately that TextWrangler feels more mature for a number of reasons.

    If you want more of a big IDE then Apple includes XCode on the Developer Tools CD that comes with OS X. You can also use the very popular and Open Source Eclipse IDE which runs just fine on OS X, although it is a big memory hog.

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