Scriptaculous Lists with PHP

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Scriptaculous Lists with PHP

Scriptaculous Lists with PHP

by Greg Neustaetter

Scriptaculous Sortables

Scriptaculous is one of many great new JavaScript libraries created to answer the call for well written ‘Web 2.0’ JavaScript libraries. Written by Thomas Fuchs, scriptaculous has many features that can be used in AJAX-ified applications, drag-and-drop effects, and a whole slew of visual effects. The drag-and-drop effects, most notably the sortables, caught my eye because the look great, they are so easy to implement, and they’re just so much nicer than the standard listbox with up/down arrows that we see in most of today’s applications and administration tools.
SLLists – a PHP wrapper around scriptaculous sortables

So scriptaculous lists are really easy to use and implement…so why put together a PHP script to wrap around it all?

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