CSS Reboot Fall 2005 – Rebooted now.

Done, for now. 🙂

CSS Reboot Fall 2005

Main URL: https://www.gabrielserafini.com

Other URL: http://www.serafinistudios.com

Fullname: Gabriel

Design Notes: The before was a WordPress theme based on a fairly well-customized k2, a very nice theme in and of itself that I’ve been quite happy with and had only recently launched as a redesign.

For this project, I began with a blank text file for both layout and style.

To add some color I wrote a small sidebar web art 216 color old-school web-safe color picker in Javascript. This adds not only a ton of extra, non-semantic, non-structural divs (which many would consider to be bad, but are, after all, CSS elements (hahahha)) but also a neat changing colorful small art piece that I can appreciate every time I visit the site (good).

I appreciated the opportunity to design a clean, fresh, and a art-filled new layout, to complement the technical posts about Open Source tools and my moss pictures on Flickr. 🙂


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