Feed burning (finally)

So, I finally am using FeedBurner to start tracking my RSS subscribers. Here’s what it looks like right… now. 🙂

Feedburner stats - 20051101

Not too much so far, but I’m sure once it’s had a chance to meet my subscriber’s feedreeders it will perk up some. Errr, well, we’ll see. 🙂

I have to say, I like having this feedburner url though:



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2 responses to “Feed burning (finally)”

  1. You may want to use a redirect and a more generic URL – a redirect to redirect your current RSS traffic to the new feedburner address, and a new URL to give out to readers.

    I use: http://www.url.com/subscribe and redirect that URL to my feedburner feed. This makes it easy to stop using feedburner if necessary and move readers back to the original feed (or if a better “feedburner” turns up).

    You will also need to change your link type=”RSS” in your header for browsers like firefox to pick up the new feed.

  2. Jeremy,

    For the feeds I’m offering, I am actually doing a redirect (using the excellent WordPress Feedburner plugin by Ordered List (http://orderedlist.com/articles/wordpress-feedburner-plugin/) which handles setting up the redirection, creating a new, internal random feed url for Feedburner to use.

    The regular URL that people should be subscribing to is still https://www.gabrielserafini.com/feed/. Does the RSS feed button not currently show up in Firefox for you? I’m seeing it in mine.

    Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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