Mario Unleashed – Google Video

Mario Unleashed – Google Video

Super Mario Brothers live on the Marimbas

One word: Marimba. Mario. Brothers. Well, 3 words. But quite nice, a good hit on my “super mario brothers live performance” fetish. I always tell all my musician friends, “You need to learn to play Super Mario brothers.” I mean, what good are you as a musician if you can’t play Super Mario Brothers??? 🙂

Watch the video: Mario Unleashed – Google Video

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  1. I’m acutally the drummer in this piece. This piece is really popular and we did it for a talent show in high school in 2005, and were lookin for sponsers to help us out with buyiung us a marimba and maybe a clothing company to make us some props so that we can do this perfomrance all arouhd the country

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