Upgraded to Firefox 1.5 tonight, G4 optimized version is FAST!

So I finally upgraded to the latest Firefox (version 1.5) and snagged this optimized for G4 processor build. It does seem much speedier.

Download: G4 optimized build of Firefox

For those of us looking for an even faster, optimized version of Firefox 1.5 for our Macs, here’s what you looking for. Both processor flavors, G4 for the laptops, G5 for desktops Macs. A must have if you are running Firefox 1.5 on the Mac.

To get the old 1.0 extensions to all work, simply do this:

1. At location bar, enter: about:config This will show you a list of Firefox internal preferences.
2. firefox new string
Right click on the list, select New > String
3. At preference name enter “app.extensions.version” (without quotes).
4. Then, enter “1.0” (without quotes) as the value for app.extensions.version
5. Restart Firefox 1.5, then enable those disabled Firefox extensions.
6. Restart Firefox 1.5 again to active the extensions. Done.

Note that this is a temporary fix until the extension authors update their code to be officially “1.5 compatible…”

(Via LiewCF.com)


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