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Niner Niner is ranked #39 out of 64 blog networks. We have 223 writers and a platform that is flexible and has scaled really well so far, based on a bunch of custom PHP scripts and the ever so awesome WordPress platform.

Kind of neat to see that someone thinks that it’s worth $217,386.00. How they came up with that number exactly, I’m not sure. But cool nonetheless.

Network Name: Niner Niner Weblog Network [Visit]
Network Size: 21
Network Index Score: 34.2222
Network Overall Rank: 39
Value: $217,386
Average Value: $10,352
Technorati Rank: 2,865,362
Average Technorati Rank: 136,446
Technorati Links: 4,187
Average Technorati Links: 199
Technorati Blogs Linking: 385
Average Technorati Blogs Linking: 18
Alexa Traffic Rank: 0
Average Alexa Traffic Rank: 0
Yahoo Pages Indexed: 3,816
Average Yahoo Pages Indexed: 182
Yahoo Inlinks: 56,959
Average Yahoo Inlinks: 2,712
Google Backlinks 4,237
Average Google Backlinks 202
Total Google Pages Indexed 2,695
Average Google Pages Indexed 128
Total MSN Search Pages Indexed 6,051
Average MSN Search Pages Indexed 288
Total MSN Search Links: 50,524
Average MSN Search Links: 2,406
Date Added to Blog Network List: 2005-11-20
Stats last updated: 2005-12-15

Blog Network List :: The Comprehensive Blog Network Rankings

Update about the $ valuation number:

Where does this value number come from anyways?

The current blog “value” amount is based on work done earlier by the Business Opportunities Weblog and Tristian Louis. The numbers are based on a valuation of the Weblogs, Inc. acquisition by AOL. We don’t put much weight in it, but it’s fun to play with.

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