Seagull Framework :: Overview


Welcome to the Seagull Framework project, created and maintained by Demian Turner and the Seagull community. Seagull is an object oriented framework written in PHP that focuses on best practices, clean code and reusable components. The core libraries are free for you to use in your own projects and a number of modules developed by the community are also available. The design goals of the project play an important role in the code’s direction as does Open Source philosophy. Since it’s the code that sells a framework, please take a look at some code examples to see what’s on offer.

Check out more features of this PHP framework:
Seagull Framework :: Overview

(Shanti mentioned this in our conversation tonight, looks pretty impressive. I like how it uses PEAR and seems to be all-in-all pretty well thought out. Of course like anything, the proof will be in the pudding.)

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