Andreas’ practical language comparison

Another comparison matrix – this one for languages:

Andreas’ practical language comparison

Perhaps you already encountered the situation – you read a bit about some less-mainstreamed language, and ask yourself : How in the world do they write an “hello world” with that?

This is where i want APLC to help. I want to collect implementations in various “languages”, for a few trivial algorithms (bubblesort etc) and applications.
I call it an practical language comparison. That said, the “languages” compared should be actual language implementations, for actual platforms – rather “GCC 3.0.4 for Linux x86 using KDE 3.2” than “C”, rather “Turbo Pascal” than “Pascal”. I’ll call these implementations languages from now on.

The comparison currently available in the form of a matrix with language X test case (may become LARGE).

The test cases are defined by me. I do by far not know all languages, especially regarding the non-imperative ones.
Feel free to send in more test cases (together with an implementation in your favourite language), but please accept that I can’t add all, and that i may need some explanations on the mechanics…
New test cases should be made up and described similar to the existing ones.

Andreas’ practical language comparison
Language comparison matrix


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