I just got a new server… I just got a new server…

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Yay, I just ordered a new Dell server. It was very satisfying, especially getting the RAID-1 with dual 160GB SATA drives. I’ve always wanted that type of setup, seemed like it always cost about $2,000 at least. Fun times we live in that you can now get that sweet rig for only $670 total. Yay! 🙂

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Check out these sweet deals on Dell Small Business servers. I just purchased the PowerEdge SC430 with an upgrade to dual 160 GB RAID-1 SATA drives for a total of $670.18, including shipping.

Find more special prices on Dell servers at DealSneak: Sweet deals on Dell Dual-Core and Xeon Servers – Expires April 5, 2006 | Dealsneak

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