JTF: Javascript unit Testing Farm

Here’s a neat idea – you can unit test your Javascript code on this site. Now it’s kind also a clever way for them to build a repository of Javascript code that can be commented on and rated.


Javascript is present on almost every web page on the internet today, but many of these scripts do not work properly (or at all) on certain browser and operating systems combinations. This project provides a web front-end to allow you to test your javascript scripts on different browsers and operating systems. The aim is to highlight the browser combinations that do not work.

Manual testing is a long process and more often than not prone to errors. Most major software houses run their code through automatic tests that perform the same kind of task. Why shouldn’t you test your javascript in the same way?
How does it work?

You write your javascript and insert some code to indicate a failure (or a pass) using the same functions as in JsUnit and other unit testing frameworks. Then, every time a visitor views your test case, it performs the unit test on their browser… providing information if the test fails.

The more browser combinations that visit a particular test case – the more chance you (and the rest of the community) will have of finding what browsers do not work with your code.

JTF: Javascript unit Testing Farm


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