Update on recent enhancements added to RSS2.com

I’ve made a bunch of improvements to RSS2.com lately:

All feeds in RSS2.com

You can now view all feeds in the system by going to the http://rss2.com/feeds/ page.

Paging has arrived - RSS2.com
You can now page through older items than just the latest 10 items. This is a pretty nice enhancement. This way you can get caught up.

Now featuring 30 favorites

Top 30
The top 30 most popular feeds are now displayed instead of just the top 25.

OPML Export - RSS2.com

OPML Export
If you want to grab a copy of the OPML file that contains all of the subscribed feeds you can get it on the feeds page.

Latest stats:

RSS2.com stats

Also on the technical backend, I improved the speed of a couple of the SQL queries and also implemented 301 redirects for any requests made to www.rss2.com (meaning that if a user types in www.rss2.com they’ll be redirected to rss2.com without the www). Paging nerdly McNerdlington…

Visit RSS2.com and experience “Really Simple News For You”

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