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  • 2011 Personal Fitness Goals – Personal Trainer, WiFi Scale and more!

    One of my goals for 2011 is to end it significantly more in shape than I started. I realize that this is a (very) common goal for many people, and one that many people start on and then let tail off as the year progresses. Here are some of the steps I’m taking to give […]

  • Forerunner 205 – Wristwatch GPS unit by Garmin – I want this…

    I think I kind of want one of these… Form meets function with Garmin’s next-generation, sleek and stylish line of personal trainers — the Forerunner 205 & 305. Don’t let their good looks fool you. These taskmasters will continually push you to do your personal best. In addition to its new look, the Forerunner 205 […]

  • Collabofit weight trend graph

    Collabofit weight trend graph, originally uploaded by gserafini. Going in a positive direction, I’m happy to say. Check out Collabofit Online Fitness for more. Also, if you’d like an invite to join Collabofit which is still in an invitation-only beta state, send me an email with your email address and I’ll hook you up. […]

  • New release of Collabofit Online Fitness – Your Online Fitness Club

    We’re pleased to announce a new release of Collabofit – Version 1.1. There are a number of new features and lots of bug fixes. Check it out. Collabofit Online Fitness – Your Online Fitness Club Link to share this:

  • Collabofit weight target accomplished!

    Collabofit weight target accomplished!, originally uploaded by gserafini. The next target will be 200lb. Slow and steady wins the race. Or something like that. w00t. 🙂 Link to share this:

  • 21 Rules of Thumb — How Microsoft develops its Software

    This was interesting to read right now, since we’re hoping to push a new release of Collabofit later today. 21 Rules of Thumb for Shipping Great Software on Time Jim McCarthy, Microsoft Corporation Shipping great software on time is a difficult but not impossible task. Elements you think would count the most count for very […]

  • The graph that we hope to be on someday…

    This is an Alexa traffic graph showing quantity of traffic, comparing a number of fitness related sites: Not surprisingly, Collabofit isn’t even on the chart yet. Well, with only 26 members and an invite-only system so far, we’re not too worried about it. I’ll check back in a couple of months and see how we’re […]

  • New features for Collabofit: RSS feeds for every activity + 3 new fitness activities

    We just added some new features to Collabofit that are pretty exciting: RSS feeds for each activity 3 new activities (including my most recent favorite activity, Sledgehammer) Team manager badges and more… Check it out: RSS feeds for every activity are now live (+ 3 new fitness activities!) P.S. If you would like to start […]

  • Fitness update

    I enjoyed going to the Clayton Art Fair today after lunch. We walked around for about an hour and a half. Tonight I walked Kuma in the park and did the normal route twice, for a total of an hour of brisk walking (~4.25 miles). All in all, a good day of locomotion. During my […]

  • Get fit, Weight Loss, Fitness, Personal Training and Nutrition!!

    Get fit, Weight Loss, Fitness, Personal Training and Nutrition!! Good example of online fitness program although it might be UK only. Link to share this:

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