Sushi in St. Louis – Miso in Clayton

I had sushi at Miso in Clayton on Tuesday for lunch. It was my first visit, and although I was a little skeptical (always am when trying a sushi joint for the first time), I needed to try it out since I’m now basically working full-time in Clayton. I went downstairs, sat at the bar […]

Daily update

On week 2 of the GlobalStreams employment deal. Done with my bug-fixes for the day, started working some more on the new mini-site for the partner. Using JSP because it’s what we’re using for registration, continually running into instances where I really want the behavior of PHP (like being able to set a variable and […]

RSS Feed Creators

Google News RSS Feed based on search term: Yahoo News Search Term RSS Feed: Custom feed creator: Very cool. 🙂 build out

Finished building out a (much more) functional version of This is a site designed to deliver up-to-the-minute information about HIPAA, and hopefully generate some advertising revenue. – HIPAA News, HIPAA RSS Feeds and Information This is the first of a number of HIPAA related sites that are in the works.

Lessig weighs in on San Francisco marriages

This post by Lawrence Lessig addresses the issue of the executive’s responsibility to judge constitutionality in enforcing the law as it relates to the current events in San Francisco, where many gay people are getting married in defiance of state law. Quoting Lessig: Presidents’ Day lesson: the mayor’s duty The Mayor of San Francisco has […]

Good night

Time for bed. Gotta wake up nice and early again tomorrow [ed. later this] morning and go to work. Supposed to get the parking pass, also need to finish filling out the forms. Also, bring a cancelled check for the direct deposit. — Gabriel

Testing out phpGiggle

Testing out phpGiggle — a php application that automatically adds links to text based on definitions. So this should generate links: my siblings: Andy, Rachel, Naomi. Thoughts: I’d like a feature where you can only link the first instance on a page, instead of every instance. I’m thinking if I can adapt this script (it […]

Meeting with Lynne Buckley-Quirk

I met with Lynne Buckley-Quirk on Saturday afternoon, discussing the current state and future of Christian Science. Our focus was on practitioners blogging and the power of reaching out to the world with this most-current of communication mediums. I continue to be assured that my ideas for developing a targeted set of publishing tools (using […]

Brief History of My Time at GlobalStreams

Here is a brief history of my time at GlobalStreams (as I was explaining to Roland at Bandana’s BBQ this afternoon): Freelance – Robin Glass ( was contacted by Mike Rechan, Jason Loyet, and Bill Davis (the three original founders of GlobalStreams and he got in touch with me to do the graphics on the […]

First day back on the job at GlobalStreams

Finished the first day back on full-time employment at GlobalStreams. Spent most of it working on getting the G4 and the Sony laptop set up with the applications and my dev environment. Got set up on the G4: Purchased software: Macintosh OS X 10.3 (Panther) Adobe Creative Suite Premium Photoshop CS (8.0) Illustrator CS In […]