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Sushi in St. Louis – Miso in Clayton Feb 26 2004

I had sushi at Miso in Clayton on Tuesday for lunch. It was my first visit, and although I was a little skeptical (always am when trying a sushi joint for the first time), I needed to try it out since I’m now basically working full-time in Clayton.

I went downstairs, sat at the bar (empty, save for the stacks of glass sushi-plates on top of the case), and chatted a bit with the chefs. One was hispanic, the other was anglo, and I’ll admit that I still wasn’t totally certain about the place. The fish in the case didn’t seem quite as fresh as at Sekisui (my usual first-choice in St. Louis for sushi), but didn’t seem bad either. The miso soup was definitely a disapointment – heavy on the tofu and seaweed, and not very smoothly put together. Also, the hot tea was served in a clear glass mug with a tea-packet and a little pitcher of hot water, which tasted alright, but certainly was no sencha green tea. $3.00 seemed pretty steep for a cup of tea. πŸ™

However, the part that mattered the most, the sushi, ended up being really pretty good. The portions were generous (and were pointed out to being more so, on account of my sitting at the bar and all), the presentation was good, particularly on the tuna piece, which featured 3 or 4 sprouts tucked in between 2 pieces of tuna. The whitefish was fine, the salmon was excellent, the tuna was good, and the cucumber roll had some of the crispiest cucumber I’ve had in a while. The ginger was tasty and the wasabi had the necessary kick.

I’ll definitely be going back for lunch-sushi again in the future. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other specialty rolls.

For future visits, though, I’ll be skipping the hot tea and the miso soup. That’s ok, though. They have lots of other appetizers to sample, and the sushi is good.

Also, the word from the chefs is that it’s worth a visit in the evening as the downstairs area gets packed with hipsters. I’ve heard rumors of this in the past, of course. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a shot sometime. πŸ™‚
Rating: 4 out of 5 nigiri

Daily update Feb 26 2004

On week 2 of the GlobalStreams employment deal. Done with my bug-fixes for the day, started working some more on the new mini-site for the partner. Using JSP because it’s what we’re using for registration, continually running into instances where I really want the behavior of PHP (like being able to set a variable and have it interpreted by an included page, like so:

< ? $pageTitle="Error!"; include_once("header-template-file.php"); ?>

So that the header file contains the variable $pageTitle and it substitutes in. In JSP pages, when you include a page, it basically writes the page in.

The culture surrounding PHP and JSP seem to be very different. While the PHP community uses PHP to rapidly build applications, using built-in functions of the language (see the JSP community is really more focused on the Java aspects of development, which is definitely more Programmer focused. I guess I prefer PHP mostly because it supplies what I’m looking for, whereas I’m having to search for How To Get It Done in JSP.

The site does have some lovely gradients in the graphics / template, so it should be cool to see it launched.

RSS Feed Creators Feb 19 2004

Google News RSS Feed based on search term:

Yahoo News Search Term RSS Feed: Custom feed creator:

Very cool. πŸ™‚ build out Feb 19 2004

Finished building out a (much more) functional version of This is a site designed to deliver up-to-the-minute information about HIPAA, and hopefully generate some advertising revenue. – HIPAA News, HIPAA RSS Feeds and Information

This is the first of a number of HIPAA related sites that are in the works.

Lessig weighs in on San Francisco marriages Feb 17 2004

This post by Lawrence Lessig addresses the issue of the executive’s responsibility to judge constitutionality in enforcing the law as it relates to the current events in San Francisco, where many gay people are getting married in defiance of state law.

Quoting Lessig:

Presidents’ Day lesson: the mayor’s duty

The Mayor of San Francisco has decided that a state law is unconstitutional under the state constitution, and has therefore ordered city clerks to disobey the law and obey the constitution. This troubles my friend Dan Gillmor, who on last count was right about everything else. And it is an action by a mayor, who on last count was wrong about a bunch of very important things. So who’s right now? I try to answer that in the extended essay that follows.

This turns out to be more complicated than at first it seems. And there may be something peculiar about California state law that I don’t understand (and would be grateful if someone would correct me). But the answer does not turn upon the rightness or wrongness of gay marriage (I, like Gillmor, believe the state has no legitimate reason to deny gay and lesbian couples the right to affirm a commitment to each other as strong and powerful as anyone else). It turns instead upon your view of the role of an executive.

Full article:

Good night Feb 17 2004

Time for bed. Gotta wake up nice and early again tomorrow [ed. later this] morning and go to work. Supposed to get the parking pass, also need to finish filling out the forms. Also, bring a cancelled check for the direct deposit.


Testing out phpGiggle Feb 17 2004

Testing out phpGiggle — a php application that automatically adds links to text based on definitions. So this should generate links: my siblings: Andy, Rachel, Naomi.


  1. I’d like a feature where you can only link the first instance on a page, instead of every instance.
  2. I’m thinking if I can adapt this script (it is GPL) to link to scriptural selections (ie, if someone enters a reference like (S&H 1:1) then it should automatically link to the appropriate passage Like so: (S&H 1:1). Might take a little work, though πŸ™‚

Current phpgiggle.words.txt (interestingly, ends up linking it’s own listings. πŸ˜‰

Christian_Science =
Kristin =
Andy =
Rachel =
Naomi =

hilite_example = #FFFF00 =
google = =
dictionary = = =
my-hacks.php =
phpgiggle.words.txt = =
phpGiggle =
WordPress =

gpl =


Meeting with Lynne Buckley-Quirk Feb 16 2004

I met with Lynne Buckley-Quirk on Saturday afternoon, discussing the current state and future of Christian Science. Our focus was on practitioners blogging and the power of reaching out to the world with this most-current of communication mediums. I continue to be assured that my ideas for developing a targeted set of publishing tools (using primarily current off-the-shelf Open Source projects) aimed at the needs of practitioners is a sound one. We should be able to get started soon. Open Source.

This is a project that I am excited about.

Brief History of My Time at GlobalStreams Feb 16 2004

Here is a brief history of my time at GlobalStreams (as I was explaining to Roland at Bandana’s BBQ this afternoon):

  1. Freelance – Robin Glass ( was contacted by Mike Rechan, Jason Loyet, and Bill Davis (the three original founders of GlobalStreams and he got in touch with me to do the graphics on the site they wanted. He did the backend database and scripting. First concept: Create an easy, one-click listening portal for nascent online streaming music (Real Player only at the time) sites.
  2. Hired – GlobalStreams hired me away from Principia where I was one of the webmasters to come work directly for them instead of on freelance basis. Still working on the guide concept, added the idea of selling streaming advertising into the online radio streams
  3. Investment time – Broadband Investment Group (BIG) invested in the company, further propelling the growth. Concepts now influenced by BIG – focus shifts from streaming audio only to streaming video, audio and animation. Online guide to broadband created in Flash.
  4. Purchased by BIG – Moved to their headquarters, we were the only company that was purchased as part of BIG’s portfolio – the others were to be built up with synergistic relationships into an uber-mucka group of companies. Concept starts to get bigger – now we’re putting together an offline print magazine (“TV Guide for the Web”) to deliver to broadband subscribers of SBC, Excite @ Home.
  5. Buy ourselves back – When BIG went Bust we bought ourselves back from them in order to escape the innevitable bankruptcy proceedings. Went on half-pay for a couple of weeks. Ted Briscoe, personal friends with our CEO, Mike Rechan, allows us all (14 or 15 of us or so) to use his office space (occupied by his current company, Play Streaming Media Group). Concept: survive until the next step, keep on trying to do deals…
  6. PSMG buys GlobalStreams – PSMG bought GlobalStreams (stock options become worthless) and we were now in the video hardware business. Definitely a shift from our previous focus on producing a guide to broadband content. But we made the shift pretty well. 3-4 people from original GlobalStreams make it after a while. Concept: bye-bye guide, hello GlobeCaster. I ended up mostly working on the website for the “new” GlobalStreams.
  7. Layoff – I get head-counted out the door eventually when it is finally my turn. I’m also starting up Securanix, LLC at the time, so it is not the worst thing that could happen. Concept: save some bucks, get rid of discontented web designer.
  8. Hired back as freelancer – Eventually GlobalStreams realizes that they need someone to help with the website and their new product, Vibe Phone. So, I get to work for them again, freelance style. In the meantime, I’m developing out Securanix and Serafini Studios as quickly as possible. We actually get some projects eventually that pay some of the bills. But GlobalStreams continues to be major part of income. Concept: survive getting laid off, embrace entrepeneurship, business ownership, responsibility, resource management, etc…
  9. Rehire Time – Then, today, I accept position at GlobalStreams again for full-time employement with benefits. So, not too bad, but definitely a shift in my thinking is required regarding being an employee again instead of in charge of my own business. Still working on taking care of obligations and projects. GlobalStreams has promised to be flexible, although they have also made it clear that it is a full-time job commitment. So I’m giving it the best shot I can. Concept: Now I’m really firstmost an “Interface Designer”, secondmost web guy again. Vibe Phone is progressing, some cool deals are in the works, and we’ll see how it all works out.

That’s how I end up now, on the 2nd of February, 2004, working for GlobalStreams again. Everyone says it’s different now, and I do see that to be mostly the case. Managing sometimes unrealistic expectations is going to be a challenge. But I’ll try to do my best to contribute what I can do, and hopefully it will turn out well.

First day back on the job at GlobalStreams Feb 16 2004

Finished the first day back on full-time employment at GlobalStreams. Spent most of it working on getting the G4 and the Sony laptop set up with the applications and my dev environment.

Got set up on the G4:

Purchased software:

Downloaded software:

Apple is providing a really nice search for software resource at

The Mail application worked flawlessly with the mail server, including hooking it up to the LDAP for address lookups.

On the PC:

  • WinCVS – GUI CVS client
  • Firefox – Mozilla-based web browser
  • FileZilla – Good FTP / SCP client for Windows
  • Crimson Editor – Very good freeware text editor
  • Cygwin – Unix environment on Windows – my preferred choice for ssh, vi, etc…
  • JustZIPit – Winzip replacement, freeware, no ads, does the job.

My first impressions from using Macintosh OS X 10.3 (Panther):
Everything is antialiased. I think I like it pretty well, gives a pretty feel to everything. All the graphics are rounded, smooth, slick. I DO NOT LIKE the placement of the window controls (Close, Minimize, Maximize) on the left side — so different from OS 9 and Windows, that I’m constantly going to the upper right corner, then, Doh! left corner. Maybe there is a switcher or something that puts them where they should be. Also, the top file menu bar seems to behave a little erratically – sometimes I have to select an item, then hold down the mouse button to get it to select the items. Maybe it’s because I’m running it on an older G4, but seems like something that should be a little smoother. Overall I think I like it pretty well. Still like my Photoshop 5.5 on my G3 at home, though. We’ll see how it all works out.

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