Internet Archive: FreeCache

Internet Archive: FreeCache

FreeCache — Making Universal Access Faster

FreeCache is a system of

* cooperating caches to move
* large files of
* free content
* closer to users.

To see a live snapshot of the FreeCache system go to the Status page.

The basic architecture is Real Simple(tm). It works entirely within existing technologies (“vanilla” web browsers and servers, http and https on the wire, plus a small cgi).

To use FreeCache, just click on a link like this. As a user you DO NOT need to install new software.
beta test

FreeCache works by moving content “hot spots” on the web closer to users. This provides several advantages to various parties involved: Users get faster downloads, content providers pay less for Internet-bound traffic, and ISPs pay less for Internet-originating traffic.

An example:
Say an up-and-coming rock band, the RockLobsters, has a website that has a large file, say that is 5MB-1GB in size. If it gets popular, they will lose their guitars and homes to their ISP because their bandwidth bill will shoot up.

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